Vegan baked falafel recipe – Soaked and uncooked chickpeas

Falafel, one of the most “vegan” food items according to me. Of course not everyone has the same idea, and when you add the garlic sauce on top it can easily make a classic vegan dish not so vegan.

I have made falafel several times in the past and even experimented with different beans, however i am not sure if it can still be classified as falafel then, as falafel is made from chickpeas. However, in the past i always made it from boiled chickpeas thinking… how else could you make them. Turns out that class falafel is made from soaked and uncooked chickpeas. This was new information to me and i decided to give it a try. (Also turns out that you don’t need flour when making falafels, which is something i have always used because on packages of storebought falafel they are never gluten free!).


Traditionally you would fry the falafel, however i did not have enough oil to do that so i just baked them and they turned out great – however next time i will try frying them for that extra crispyness! Give these falafels a go, also note that you should soak the chickpeas minimum of 10-12 hours (changing the water 1-2 times and making sure you have alot of water for them to be soaked in!).


Also note, if you have a smaller mixer like i do, then you should mix the chickpeas in bathces otherwise the chickpeas at the bottom will turn more into paste/hummus while the top is still unprocessed – so keep that in mind!



1 cup chickpeas

1 onion

Garlic (i used 3 cloves)

Cilatnro or parsley

Seasoning such as paprika, cumin, thyme,basil


1 tsb baking powder

2 tbs oil

Optional – sesame seeds to cover

(If needed, you can add flour c.a 1-2tbs if the mixture doesnt hold together, however it shouldn’t be necessary)

How to:

Soak the chickpeas with alot of water for 10- 12 hours. Changing and rinsing the water 1-2 times during that time period.

When it is time to prepare/cook begin with heating the oven to c.a 220 degrees celsius.

Place all the ingredients (apart from the sesame seeds) into the mixer and mix. If using a small mixer begin with just the chickpeas, onion and garlic and add the seasoning, baking powder and oil when all of the chickpeas are mixed.

When the mixture is done you should be able to scoop it into small balls and it should hold together.

Note: You can place the mixture into the fridge for 1-2 hours before baking so that the flavours are absorbed and mixed better. 

Scoop the mixture out of the bowl with a spoon and form into small balls, and optional to roll them in sesame seeds. You should be able to make around 24 falafel.

Pour over a little oil over the falafel and bake in the oven c.a 15-20 minutes until golden brown!

Best eaten warm with bread, vegetables and garlic sauce!




7 Comments Add yours

  1. EmmaEat's says:

    I’ve baked and fried falafels both ways! Baked is good but frying is that little bit better 🙂 thanks for the read


    1. I definitely agree – i think frying them turns out best and more crispy!!


  2. I didn’t realise making your own falafels was so simple so I`m definitely going to try these. Can you use tinned chickpeas or are they better with uncooked beans?


    1. You can use both cooked or uncooked! The “original” falafe were made with uncooked beans, but using cooked ones work just as well but the texture is slightly different!


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