Coconut rice pudding recipe

I hadn’t planned to post this recipe, as it is a rather simple one, but because i got so many requests and messages asking for the recipe, here it is 🙂

In the past i have only ever made rice pudding with cow’s milk (i.e before i was vegan) and 2 years in a row now i’ve made it using oat milk or a mix of oat milk/oat cream which works amazing and tastes great according to me! It was my first time using coconut milk (i went for the “light” version), and i personally like coconut flavour so it wasn’t too overpowering but you could taste the coconut. So if you’re not a fan of coconut taste, then maybe this recipe isn’t for you!

Recipe: c.a 2-4 portions!

Ricegrain 1,5dl

Water 3dl for cooking

1,5 can coconut milk (ala 600ml) – Optional, can substitute 200-300ml with another form of liquid such as water, oat milk, soja milk (*however amount of liquid needed may vary)

Pinch of salt

Vanilla sugar/powder/flavour (i used vanilla stevia drops)

Sugar/Sweetener/cinnamon – optional for taste.

(Also optional, adding 1-2 tbs of vegan margarine. This just makes it more creamy, however when using coconut milk i don’t think it is necessary)

How to:

I just followed the instructions on the package which was:

Pour the rice and c.a 3dl water into a pot and let cook for c.a 10 minutes on medium-low heat. Then add the rest of the ingredients and let the rice begin to boil, stirring once or twice so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Then once it has started to boil bring down the heat to low and cover with a lid and let cook for c.a 40-50 minutes, stirring only once or twice as it should thicken on it’s own. Note, you may need to add more liquid if you notice it is getting dry too quick!

My best tip is to add banana and frozen mango on top of a warm bowl of coconut rice pudding!


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  1. EmmaEat's says:

    It is summer here in Australia, so this looks so perfect and summery ! 🙂


  2. Rice pudding is good made with cashew milk too – very creamy.


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