Second attempt at home made seitan using gluten flour

The very first time i made seitan i made it using actual flour which i then had to keep rinsing to get the gluten which i could use to make seitan. It turned out ok and was very much edible, however the fact that i spent 5-7 hours on it wasn’t as “ok”. The second time i attempted making seitan was a short while ago where i had bought gluten flour and made seitan from scratch… it didn’t turn out as great as i had hoped, instead it tasted sort of rubbery but burnt and i hadn’t let it marinate long enough and didn’t use enough seasoning so it was just the outside that tasted. However you can read more about that journey HERE, along with my new found tips of what i did wrong/should have done better as well as information and nutritional information about seitan!

Looks alot like steak or meat right?

My second attempt making seitan using gluten flour turned out alot better, though it still needs a little improving however the flavour was perfect!

Recipe (which i dubbeled, and it worked out fine!)

1,5dl gluten flour

2tbs peanut butter

2tsp soya sauce

3 crushed garlic

Onion powder

c.a 1,5tbs nutritional yeast

c.a 1tsp syrup (for sweetness to balance out the salt)

Vegetable broth: 1 cube vegetable stock (or umami) & c,a 4-5dl water.

How to:

Mix together peanut butter, soya sauce, syrup, nutritional yeast, garlic, onion powder with 1,5dl hot water. It should be all mixed together. Then add the gluten flour and mix really well by hand for c.a 5 minutes. You can knead the dough so that all the flavours are absorbed. Let the dough marinate for c.a 15 minutes or up to several hours. I left mine c.a 1 hour, and i would recommend you do the same, or even overnight works fine.

Then when it has marinated cut the dough into small/thin pieces and fry in some oil on both sides until crispy. Then add the vegetable broth and cover with a lid and let the pieces absorb the liquid. Once absorbed you can either keep frying so they become a little more crispy or put into the oven for a while to bake or just eat directly!

Note: I added extra soya sauce when i fried mine so they turned out darker in colour!

Original recipe here



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I should imagine this turns out to be well worth the effort and time spent making it if you can commit yourself to doing it – do they have ready made seitan in the shops? Is this something you can see yourself eating regularly or do you find it too time consuming?


    1. It was delicious 🙂 Yes, certain brands make seitan which i love and is a great variety from tofu or soy products 🙂 I don’t personally see myself making home made seitan so often ,i find it too time consuming and haven’t yet found the perfect way to make it. So i think i need to experiment more, but for now i like buying store bought seitan products 🙂


  2. Corey says:

    We have been eating something similar to this for 30+ years. Mum makes ‘gluten steaks’ , the recipe is relatively similar but instead of using soy and peanut butter mum puts crushed nuts and vegemite / marmite in it. I’ve suggested that she try miso paste in the gluten steaks next time for the umami flavour instead of vegemite / marmite. We have a long background in eating vegetarian as our church suggests that vegetarianism is better, even when we werent going to church when I was younger we still ate mainly vegetarian.(Australia is very meat and two veg country – like England)
    If you make a large enough batch it will last for days and you’ll end up having it for every meal. Crumbed with mash and gravy and vegies on the side ! Yum


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