Vegan and gluten free

Recently i began thinking about, how is it to be vegan and gluten free…..

I am not gluten intolerant and don’t have celiac, however my dad has celiac disease and my sister is gluten intolerant and this weekend for my birthday i am planning to make a birthday cake for myself and for my family. Usually the only thing i think about when making food for myself or others is that it is vegan and sometimes need to think about not adding nuts as i have friends and family members who have peanut/nut allergies. Now for my birthday and as i want everyone to be able to enjoy the food i make and cake i make i want to make it both gluten free and vegan!

My first thought was… it must be complicated to have gluten intolerance/allergy and be vegan as many substitutes have wheat and if you have celiac disease it is recommended to not even consume oats or oat products as there can be traces of wheat//gluten. But also from what i have seen on gluten free packages is that many GF (glutenfree) products have milk powder in them – for some strange reason – meaning that many GF replacement products aren’t vegan. However when i began thinking more about GF and vegan i thought, it can’t be too difficult as there are other alternative products you can consume as a vegan…. however the most difficult thing is maybe eating out in restaurants (it’s hard enough to just get a gluten free dish or just a vegan dish without having to combine both of them!), but also that i can imagine it is more expensive to buy vegan and GF products.

As mentioned, i don’t have gluten intolerance so it is not something i have ever had to consider avoiding in my diet, but i thought i would give some advice i.e products to use instead , and you can comment below if you have any great tips, products or advice for those who avoid gluten and are vegan!


Replacing cows milk with example soya milk or nut milk. Alpro soja for professionals usually works well in warm drinks!

Replace cream and cooking cream with rice or soja cream (such as planti) or coconut milk in cooking dishes or desserts.

Soja yoghurt, coconut yoghurt or nut yoghurt instead of dairy yoghurt. These brands are a little more expensive most often, so maybe trying to find an alternative such as smoothie, nice cream, gluten free oats, chia pudding might work better!

Cream cheese and sour cream – follow your heart is a brand that is vegan and gluten free!

Protein as a vegan? Tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils all work well! Also making your own falafel, burgers, balls etc can be a good alternative. You can use corn flour, potato flour or gluten free flour when making them 🙂 Also note, i know that some breaded or pre made burgers/breaded products aren’t gluten free – so making your own is best!

Change normal pasta for gluten free pasta and also rice, potatoes, quinoa, root vegetables are good alternatives 🙂 Also there many gluten free options such as pasta plates etc for making different dishes.

What about oats and cereal? Well gluten free oats is the most obvious but you can even make oatmeal from seeds and nuts (read here ) or make chia pudding or rice pudding. When it comes to cereals and granola i unfortunately don’t know so much about both vegan and gluten free, as unfortunately many gluten free ones can also have milk powder, but you can get advice about some cereal ideas HERE. My best advice would be to make your own granola and muesli – then you can add whatever flavour and ingredients you want and alot cheaper as well!

Bread: Best would be to make your own or make seed crackers or eat rice cakes. But there are many gluten free bread alternatives, however where they contain milk or butter i am not so sure and you will have to check the ingredients of the brands you have available to you.

Really it shouldn’t be too difficult to eat gluten free and vegan as there are so many alternatives now a days…. of course how many alternatives available depends on where you live, and like mentioned… it might be more expensive and difficult to eat out. But with some planning it should be fine. And in most recipes you can easily just switch from the gluten products to non gluten products or switch dairy/oat product to one that is gluten free and non dairy.

However as i don’t have to consider both gluten free and vegan, but also i live in a country where there are alot of vegan and gluten free options it is easier for me to say that it is “not so difficult” when i don’t have the problem myself. Also a reason i consider it not so difficult is that i personally don’t consume so my gluten in my daily life unless i am eating seitan or making pancakes or if i get bread cravings and make or buy bread. But otherwise it is oats (which only have trace of gluten but should be fine to eat if you are just gluten intolerant, and the same goes for oat products i use) which would need to be replaced if i had gluten allergy.

If you have celiac disease and are vegan i am pretty sure you are already aware of these changes and what products to replace with, but maybe it helped or gave some ideas 🙂 I would also advise you to join fb groups for GF and vegan if you find yourself struggling with what products to replace with or meal ideas or even restaurants that have both vegan and GF options 🙂



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  1. lcb54321 says:

    Nuts are vegan and gluten free and a good source of nutrients/calories.


  2. Preparing and cooking meals from scratch yourself is the only way I have found around the GF free and vegan dilemma. So many ready made brands of vegan burgers/sausages also contain wheat and GF varieties contain dairy cheese or milk. It is indeed a rarity to find a brand of burger that combines both! I also have some food intolerances so eating foods such as corn based pasta or shop brought bread is out of the question. In cooking I use rice flour and for milk I use hazelnut, although I am currently trying oat milk. When it comes to cereal or biscuits I stick to oat based as these do not contain any corn or corn flour – but it has to be pure oats as normal cereals are often contaminated. I try to bake my own biscuits where possible as this works out far cheaper. On the whole my diet is still very limited having to follow one that is both GF free and Vegan, along with the food intolerances that I have. But at the same time I have discovered that if I am willing to prepare and cook from scratch most of the time, then vegan recipes offer a lot more scope and variety and inspiration. But it would be nice to be able to buy something ready made from the shop now and again! It is hard but not as hard as it was before you inspired me to try plant based and vegan foods Izzy. Before that I was just omitting foods from my diet and not being able to replace them. At least now I am able to replace some foods and also make more use of the foods that I can have!


  3. Thanks for your advice about joining a FB group about GF and vegan – I hadn’t thought of that myself and it would probably help. Any tips about eating GF and vegan are always useful to know! At the moment I am trying to make the most of foods that I can have rather than focusing on those that I can`t, and there is scope and variety if I look hard enough – different ways of preparing foods, different recipes to follow and of course making full use of all the winter vegetables that are in season now, not to mention all the wholegrains I can have!


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