Vegan 2017 – the film

On November 28th a video called, Vegan 2017 – the film was released on Youtube. I hadn’t heard anything about it or what it was about (apart from of course veganism), so i decided to watch it and see what i thought. I’m not a huge fan of certain vegan health documentaries as the facts and nutrition facts aren’t always correct or they are slightly skewed and of course biased for their own gain and purpose. However What the Health has been a huge life changer for many and has been one of the motivaters for many to go vegan or eat more plant based which is great, however there are certain parts of the documentary which irritate me. And then there are other vegan documentaries where it shows the animal slaughter and cruelty which is what some people need to see, but as i am already vegan i don’t feel the need to watch that as it just makes me sad…. however at times it can be good to see those types of clips or movies again just to rmeind myself why i am vegan and choose to be vegan. You can seee a list of documentaries HERE:

Skärmklippvegan 2017

So what about Vegan 2017 – the film. I thought it was really good and it was actually a rather uplifting vegan documentary…. it showed all the successes of the vegan “movement”. It showed how plant based milk and plant based products are beocming more popular and more brands and products are appearing in the stores. It had different celebraties and athletes and doctors talk about veganism and how great it is. It showed how even if it may not seem like it, more people are going or thinking about going vegan. That even if it is happening slowly, more people are becoming aware and conscious and that veganism is spreading. Of course this bothers many people and many who are in the dairy business – and you can see how they are fighting back, such as that plant based milk can’t be called “milk” because milk is supposed to be dairy. But still, the non dairy milk selection is growing and selling rapidly.

This movie was rather uplifting and i felt rather positive after watching it. Often after a vegan documentary i can feel kind of sad and anxious because i wonder why aren’t more people going or choosing to live a more vegan lifestyle when it has so many benefits. Or that people aren’t even trying…… But now i feel like “Yes, even if it is happening slowly, things are changing!”

So i would recommend you watch it if you have 45 minutes to spare. It’s not a heavy or fact filled documentary, which can be hard or “too much” to watch at times!

If you have seen the film what do you think of it? 🙂  (Click here to watch it)

*P.s i know there has been alot of vegan posts recently, i will try vary with other posts as soon as i have the time :)*

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  1. Ela says:

    Hi Izzy, I definitely looove reading your blogs and seeing your pics on IG. I’ve been following you since I was taken to hospital (autumn 2015) because of anorexia and my dad found yourblog and showed it to me, so you’ve been a huge help throughout my recovery. I’ve been fully recovered since this summer and now my wish is to help many people with mental disorders (I’m studying psychology). So last week I had to see my doctor because of my huge digestive problems and he immediaetly sent me to take a test for lactose and gluten and yeah I am lactose and gluten intolerat. I have never been vegan, I always ate all kinds of food. I am not a huge meat, dairy lover, but I’m still very confused because of switching to the new diet. I was wondering wether you could tell me a little bit of food I need to eat to keep my body healthy (I am at my normal weight, but my body still isn’t healthy- my gut has been almost destroyed because od dairy). I guess I’ll eat mostly plant-based, and guess what I saw this movie and I’m thinking of completely going vegan. But I’m afraid I won’t eat enough of calories etc because I just don’t know lots about nutrition (after being recovered I lost my interest in nutrition and more focused on mental health). I know you’re a huge fan of nutrition and know a loot about it and I know you’re not a health coach yet but maybe you could tell me a little bit of it? Just for the beginning.. I’m a student and have to buy food with my own money (my family is a mess) and I was wondering wether you could tell me the cheapest way to spend money on vegan food? And I love running, it’s been my passion since I was little:) Just one more question, could it be my past ED the reason for my intolerance? (I was really underweight and then I also binged and purged etc)
    Thank you for being here for us everyday. Thank you for saving my life with every post you wrote. Thank you for existing. For living.


  2. Ela says:

    I also wanted to add I’m in if you’ll become a health coach.. so I’d love to ask you about vegan/glute+lactose free diets 🙂


  3. Ela says:

    if you become* hahah english classes xD


  4. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I really like reading your posts you write about veganism. There are so many different aspects to consider and I have so much to learn – and I am keen to find out as much as I can about it!


  5. I watched this documentary this morning and found it really interesting. It was informative and answered a lot of questions for me, and I thought that overall it gave a pretty balanced picture of veganism. What was evident was that there was definite progress with peoples attitudes and opinions about veganism, although it also highlighted just what the concept of veganism is up against ie the ingrained trend of eating meat and dairy as standard. But I thought it offered hope that someday this trend could be dramatically minimised.
    Thankyou for finding and posting this 🙂


  6. Interesting that non – dairy “milk” is also on the increase in terms of variety and availability and popularity here in the UK as well. A couple of years ago it was really only soy milk that was available but now there are many, both fresh chilled and UHT. Lacto – free dairy produce is also widely available too. I think there is a definate growing trend of people cutting down on their dairy intake, whether it is through choice or dietry needs.


    1. Exactly – i don’t really know/can’t remember how it was several years ago as i wasn’t so interested in the non dairy or vegan products, but i can definitely tell that in just the past 1,5+ years that i have been vegan, the amount of new products on the market is crazy!! It must be amazing for the people who have been vegan 10-20+ years to notice how many new products there are available to them. Many in the past just resorted to beans, legumes, grains and tofu and barely any processed vegan foods… which might have been a good thing, but it is great with a variety and different alternatives anyway – not always having to make food from scratch!!


      1. What is super cool about this is that Sainsburys in Portishead (UK) now have the non-dairy milk next to the baby cows milk in the fridge.


      2. That is great. They do that in Sweden as well, they place the vegan options beside the non vegan options. I have mixed feelings about it as i prefer when all the vegan food is in a section on itself, but it can make it easier for non vegans to see all the different options and maybe make a more ethical choice and choose the vegan option instead of the non vegan option when they are side by side!


  7. adam hansen says:

    does the movie have any cruelty in it, i cant stand to watch anymore of those. leaves me depressed for weeks. I am already vegan and just want to be lifted up.


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