Fitness is not the same as health


In Sweden this weekend it has been the annual Fitnessfestival which brings peopl from all over Sweden and other countries to Stockholm to go to this expo where there are both athletes competing in different fitness shows as well as different crossfit and fitness competitions. I’ve gone to this expo several years in a row and one year i even worked there for one of the companies that was having a demo/expo there. That weekend when i was working there was alot of fun, even if it was alot of different people and talking, it was very fun! Last year i didn’t go to the fitnessfestival i was in Gothenburg and busy moving apartment, but also i didn’t have much interest in going as a vegan.


I am of course still vegan, and most fitness expos don’t have alot of vegan products to offer, which i was aware about. However i was going to the expo with friends and was going just to have a good time with friends and also meet different people i follow online, not to mention that i like seeing the different fitness challenges and competitions.

So how was the expo? Well it was a whole lot of “protein everything”…. lots of whey, casein, bcaa and protein ice cream, protein musli, protein bars and the list can be made long. The only vegan thing i found i could try was 2 types of raw food bar and some muslie, but because it was milk served with the muslie i couldn’t even try that. And then there were energy drinks and some BCAA’s which were vegan. I did have a very good day with friends and it was fun to walk around and look at the different stalls and see the different products being sold as well as being confused over certain products such as “detox water” being sold…. do people even buy into those types of things??!

One thing which i have come to realise though is that i am not as interested of the fitness world as i once was. Fitness for me isn’t the same thing as health. Fitness now a days is so focused on abs and low body fat percent… so focused on diet pills and fat burners, protein shakes and bcaa constantly. Too much focus on appearance and not so much focus on health…. because let’s be honest, we dont need protein bread, protein muslie, protein crisp bread and protein enriched water…. the vast majority of people get enough protein as it is as long as you arent eating just potatoes and rice.

People can do what they want and choose to do what they want with their bodies and their appearance. But at times i feel like the fitness world isn’t something you should follow if you are focusing on health.


In the past i was very into the fitness world and wanted visible muscles and abs and lots of protein all the time. I wasn’t so focused on health then. But now when i am more focused on overall health and balance and happiness and having a strong, functional and healthy body the fitness world isn’t something that inspires or motivates me so much. Instead what motivates me is seeing people who are truly happy and healthy, but also people who compete in crossfit, calisthenics and can do lots of amazing body strength workouts or people who can run long/fast as well as lift  heavy and do gymnastics and are just very functional.

We all have a dream or ideal body, i don’t think anyone can deny that. But i think YOUR dream body should be a HEALTHY and functional body. But the most important is a healthy and happy mind… because you can spend your whole life trying to change your body or look a certain way but if you don’t have a healthy mind you will never be satisfied or happy with the way you look.

Another thing with the fitness world is how there is so much comparison between people… judging and comparing body image to others which can be extremely destructive. Also putting your worth in your appearance and thinking you aren’t good enough if you don’t look like your role model or like the girls/guys in fitness magazines. We are all beautiful the way we are and we are unique…. we don’t need to look like everyone else. Also important to remember that you DON’T have to have visible muscles or abs to be strong, healthy and fit. There are marathoners who are overweight and extremly fit athletes that don’t have super low body fat.

It is easy to get stuck in the fitness world, i’ve been there and the only positive thing it gave me was when i could step outside of the fitness world and see how my behaviours and mindset was back then! I can say a vegan lifestyle which isn’t so much focus on fitness and protein enriched everything and muscles and lean body fat was very beneficial for me to step outside of the fitness bubble. Because even if i still eat lots of protein rich food and do like vegan protein bars and use vegan protein powder from time to time, not to mention still workout and love being strong and feeling strong, i no longer feel the need to eat lots of protein, constantly drink bcaa and look like a bikini fitness athlete to be considered “fit”. Now it is about performance and most importantly health!


For me, fitness is not the same as health and it is important that others realise that as well!!

This is just my thoughts from my own experience, but feel free to share your own thoughts 🙂



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  1. Josephine says:

    Absolutely love this post!! I feel 100% the same 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    What do you think about those obviously overweight women who promote so called body positivity? I mean…It is great to be able to accept your body but having so much fat cant be physically healthy…It is like opposite of proana … You are really rational, Izzy, so I wonder what is your opinion. Love your blog very much!!


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    There are a lot of protein enriched foods here too and I often stop to wonder if they are really necessary! I believe if you have a healthy, functional body and a happy and healthy attitude to life you can`t go far wrong. Without our general health just where would we be?


    1. Very very true. There is far too much protein hype and most people get enough protein in their diet as it is, they don’t need all the extra added protein.


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