Vegan “meat stew” recipe

For my birthday dinner my mum decided to make a vegan “meat stew” recipe which turned out amazing! Because it turned out so good and isn’t the type of meal i usually

make and so there aren’t many recipes like this on my blog i thought i would share it as it shows how you can veganize pretty much anything. And like mentioned before, i don’t make so many “actual” dishes as i live on my own and have just a student budget for food i.e not alot of variation, so it’s nice when i get a chance to eat different meals like this from time to time and maybe this is more inspiring for those who want to eat vegan but don’t love eating lots of vegetables and beans!


Vegan “meat stew” recipe. 4 port. (We tripled this to make dinner for 10 people)

1 package oumph (garlic and thyme or plain). Note, can use jackfruit or other soy filet/chunks or seitan.

2 onions

1 jar mushrooms (c.a 110g)

4 carrots (cut into small pieces)

400ml water

200ml oatcream

2tsp mushroom soy

2 tsp mushrrom broth

200ml white wine

100g pickled onion

Oil to fry and salt and pepper

&Potatoes (either mashed or boiled)


& red current jelly

How to:

Fry the oumph and onion in oil in a pot until the onion has softened and the oumph has gotten some colour. Add the mushrooms, carrots, pickled onion, wine and water and let cook for c.a 30 minutes with the lid on.

Add the mushroom soja, broth and oat cream and add salt and pepper to taste.

Mean while boil potatoes – and eat boiled or mashed.

Boil the peas 5-10 minutes before serving.

Original recipe from HERE.



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Just the food you need when it is cold outside! This looks really good – I love winter stews although I haven’t figured out how to veganise or GF free dumplings yet 😦
    Interesting that you add pickled onions to it – do they still taste pickled when cooked? I should imagine they really enhance the flavour?


    1. It was a very comforting meal 🙂 I personally didn’t like the pickled onions, so you can definitely omit them if you don’t like them.
      I watched a video yesterday of some people trying to make vegan and gluten free dumplings, and i think you need to use corn starch and tapioca for the dough and not just gluten free flour as that doesn’t stick so well and can easily crumble. I don’t usually make gluten free food, but the times that i do i realise how inconvenient gluten free flour is… definitely doesn’t have the same functions and characteristics as normal flour and you usually need to add more liquids and such when replacing it with normal flour. But i guess you learn in time 🙂


  2. Emily says:

    Hey Izzy,
    I wanted to ask your opinion on intermediate fasting because it seems to be the thing everyone is talking about. I was interested in it at first, because it would control bordom eating and bloating. As a fellow vegan I eat a lot of low calorie filling foods, that leave me feeling bloated. As well as my digestive tract still being sluggish after two years of disordered eating in the past. I tried it for a few days but I found it hard to stick to with my schedule(I still live with my parents) and it left me feeling guilty if I did eat something late in the evening because I was hungry in fear of messing up the sequence and being bloated the next morning. I just wanted to hear your insight because I had also heard that it can throw off hormones too. -Emily


    1. Hello, I am guessing intermediate fasting is the same as intermittent fasting, haha? I have done it in the past and there are pros and cons to fasting and that way of eating. Somedays you could even say that i do an unintentional intermittent fast if i am not hungry in the morning and then just eat later on. I can try write a post about the pros and cons of IF and my experience 🙂
      The first thing i can say though is that if you still feel mentally controlled by your eating disorder or feel guilty around food or want to control food, then IF isn’t the best idea. Also, i don”t know how long you have been vegan? Remember that it can take weeks to months for your body to adapt to the fiber amount of a vegan diet… and don’t forget that most people bloat after eating, some meals you bloat more, other times you bloat less. Also if you want to limit bloating then IF isn’t necessarily the best because if you eat ex. 3 huge vegan meals within the 8 hour eating window then you will be eating LARGE portions and most likely alot of fiber to get enough energy and it may be that you can’t eat enough within the 8 hours to reach your required energy intake. Or maybe you bloat even more compared to when you eat meals spread out throughout the whole day. I’ll try write a post about this though…. but maybe consider lowering your fiber intake and the volume of food and add more healthy fats and see if that helps with less bloating?


  3. Is this the 5 – 2 diet that seems to be the “in thing” at the moment? Where you eat an extremely low calorie intake for two days and then eat normally, but sensibly for the remaining five days? Some people swear by it I know but what effect it has on your metabolism I don`t know?


    1. 5:2 can be considered intermittent fasting but there are different types of fasting. This type of eating has its “pros” and “cons”, but it all depends on the person… i.e someone with low blood sugar or diabetes or is very active really shouldnt be fasting, but for someone who has hperlipiedmia (such as high cholesterol or blood fats) it can be beneficial to have fasts…. but then you have to have the right information before doing it. It is not the first form of eating i would recommend someone.


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