Different ways to eat vegetables

As a vegan who loves vegetables it can sometimes be easy to forget that not everyone is like me and loves vegetables. Infact the majority of people don’t eat enough vegetables and many like to think that the lettuce and tomatoes on their burger counts for 2 of their 5 a day and would like to count potatoes and ketchup to the rest of their 5 a day.

I am someone who loves just plain vegetables, i can eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and when i say vegetables i don’t mean potatoes… even if i eat can eat them for all of my meals as well. I can eat vegetables just as they are i.e boiled or baked without oil or salt – but i prefer to bake vegetables with oil and salt! Also adding them to soups or cooking them in some water and salt and adding garlic on top afterwards.

For many people, this doesn’t sound appealing at all. I mean, would you rather have a creamy pasta dish with mushrooms and some broccoli or a plate of baked vegetables with hummus and avocado…. most people would choose the first, while i would choose the second option 99% of the time.

I havent always loved vegetables, but i have always grown up  eating them which i think has made it easier for me to like vegetables now. Different types of vegetables and different ways to eat them – in soups, sandwiches, pasta dishes, with hummus or guacamole. Lots of different ways and that is just something i have always eaten and grown up eating.

I am pretty sure that the majority of people who follow my blog already like vegetables so maybe this advice isn’t so relevant, but i thought i would share some tips on how to eat more vegetables and maybe make them more appealing. It’s important to eat fruit and vegetables everyday and eat a variety of them – and if you aren’t like me, then try adding them to meals! Also note, frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh ones… infact it can be more economical to buy frozen ones as well as more nutritionally dense eating frozen rather than fresh vegetables!

Ways to add more vegetables to your intake!

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You can add zucchini or cauliflower to your oats. This may sound strange, but it adds both volume and texture but you don’t taste so much of the vegetables! This is best to do if you are making your oats on the stove as you need to keep mixing it in 🙂

Make a wok with different vegetables!

Summer rolls/Vietnamese spring rolls is a great way to get your veggies in – though this requires some time and preparation and not everyone likes rice paper.


When you make pasta add lots of vegetables into your pasta mix. Or add peas and sweet corn or other vegetables into your rice when you make it – Like a stir fry rice without all the oil/butter/egg!

Make a lentil mix with ex. lentils(or rice), beans, different vegetables and put that mix into paprika and into the oven (and can top with cheese!). There you get lots of different vegetables – and you can of course use another filling, it doesnt have to be lentils or rice or beans.

Try to get into the habit of snacking on carrots, cucumber or paprika and maybe some hummus or guacamole! Or even cocktail tomatoes. (Note, this isn’t so environmentally friendly if you live in colder climate countries. But maybe eat carrots, celery and zucchini or other in season vegetables you can eat raw!)


Roast vegetables with oil, garlic and salt. (Or other seasonings!)

Make vegetable skewers and roast in the oven!

Marinate vegetables in example soy sauce or a peanut butter sauce or sweet chilli sauce and let stand in the fridge for a few hours before roasting or frying!

Make a curry and add lots of vegetables, or make a pad thai with lots of vegetables such as peas, sweet corn, carrots, broccoli etc

Make sandwiches filled with lots of vegetables – think subway or Banh Mi style sandwiches!!

Make cauliflower pizza – or even make cauliflower hot wings!

Make bean or lentil burgers and add paprika or sweet corn or other vegetables into the mix! or even beetroot and carrot burgers or quinoa, brocolli and sweet corn burgers and the list goes on!


Make soup/lentil soup with lots of different vegetables – can add coconut milk or tomatoe sauce or oat cream and puree it! There are lots of different soup recipes out there you can try!

Or try making a cabbage pie – might sound strange but is infact incredibly delicious!

Experiment with different sauces and marinades. Try roasting, boiling, frying. Add different vegetables to different meals and get creative!!


Also try new vegetables, many people (myself included) get stuck eating the same veggies over and over… but try new ones. For example making a batter and dipping swede in it and then frying is AMAZING. And roasting turnips, carrots, brussels sprouts is delicious!

There are lots of vegetables out there and lots of ways to incorporate them into your diet, so don’t say that you don’t like vegetables because there has to be some that you DO like. Or different ways you can prepare them! For example some vegetables i prefer cooked, others baked, some raw and some i can only eat if they are in a soup or mixed into ex pasta or salads!

So tell me…. what is YOUR favourite way to eat vegetables? 🙂

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  1. Kate says:

    Courgette in porridge definitely! At least 100g and it’s delicious – a giant bowl of porridge every morning!


    1. I used to add zucchini to my oatmeal most mornings back in 2013-2014 and i loved it!! I might start doing it again as it should adds volume and texture and creaminess to the oats 🙂


  2. I`m like you and eat vegetables just as they are – the simpler the better! And cabbage – I can eat whole platefuls of just cabbage as I love it so much 🙂 Boiled, stir fried, oven roasted – I love them all but my favourite at the moment is boiled carrots chopped really chunky and eaten with French mustard. I could quite happily eat that for breakfast, dinner and tea 🙂 And I`m loving this time of year because of all the seasonal winter veg that are available and they are so cheap. For some reason a winter swede tastes far better than a summer one – or is that just me?


    1. Last year i did that with cabbage as well! It was cheap, filling and super delicios and i made lots and lots of cabbage soup hahahha. Swede is an autumn/winter food so i guess it should taste better when it is grown in season as it should rather than being imported or grown via other ways in summer…. just my guess though!


  3. Erik says:

    Hi! Just wondering what the purple and blue-ish stuff is in your hummus & veg bowl and spring rolls. Looks delicious!


    1. I think you mean the noodles? I coloured them with beetroot juice and the other with blue matcha powder 🙂 Didn’t add any taste, just colour!


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