5 steps towards a more vegan lifestyle – part 2

Almost 2 weeks ago i made the post, 5 steps to a more vegan lifestyle – Post series., and had planned to make it a weekly post. However life, studies, family and friends got in the way and i completely forgot to post this post i had made. So when scrolling through my drafts i found it sitting there, and thought… better late than never!! I am going to try to make this a weekly post (maybe on Sundays!) with some tips on how to change towards a more vegan lifestyle!! This can be helpful if you want to make changes in your life but don’t know what or how, but also so that it isn’t so overwhelming to try to change everything at once, but do it over time 🙂

If you have any other tips, just comment below – however i will be giving more tips each week!!

  1. next time you go to buy milk, try a non dairy milk version. I.e soya, oat, rice, almond, cashew, hazelnut, rice etc There are so many different brands and versions so it is a trial and error way forward. I personally love Oatly Ikaffe in my coffee and tea but find that nut milk works best in smoothies. Usually ikaffe or “professional” alpro soya milk works best in warm drinks so i would recommend those instead of nut milks if you want to add it to warm beverages.
  2. Next time you buy a latte or coffee in a cafe/on the go, ask for it to be made with oat or soya milk! Just a simple swap, but still makes a difference.
  3. Next time you buy a jacket or shoes, just quickly make sure that it has no leather or fur (or in some cases, shoes even have snake skin… so try avoid that as well!)
  4. When it is time to bake next time, swap butter for vegan margarine (or coconut oil!), swap eggs for banana/applesauce/chiaseeds/flax seeds/no egg, swap milk for a non dairy version and buy vegan dark chocolate! Simple swaps and the results will still be as good. Not to mention, many store bought cookies and biscuits are usually vegan as it is cheaper with margarine than butter so if you ever need a sweet treat to bring to a party, choose vegan biscuits!
  5. If you are eating out at a cafe or a restaurant, try a vegan dish. Some people think it is harder to cook vegan at home and come up with ideas, so why not take the chance to eat vegan when you are out an don’t have to cook for yourself so you can see what type of dishes, flavours and combos there are. Even better, why not try to eat at a solely vegan/vegetarian place when you do eat out as that will help you see different meal ideas!

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  1. WilfredsCrueltyFree says:

    Love this. Great tips x


  2. When shopping don`t just look in the “free from” aisle for vegan foods – many are distributed throughout the store alongside “standard” products and I have also found that there are quite a few products that are infact vegan too that aren’t marketed soley as, ie some brands of cereal bars, ketchups and some dark chocolates.


    1. Very true, there are alot of products that are vegan which aren’t marked vegan. So sometimes when looking at the ingredients i am surprised to find that different bars, chips, chocolate, cereal etc is vegan!! In certain stores all the vegan products are in one section but in others they are spread out i.e the vegan sausages are among all the meat sausages, the burgers are among the meat burgers etc…. Not sure which type of store layout i like best.


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