Vegan beetroot salad/Vegansk rödbetssallad recept

One of the typical christmas foods in Sweden is beetroot salad, and at the moment I am loving the home made vegan beetroot salad I am eating 🙂

Usually beetroot salad is made with maoinnaise, but as I don’t like mayonnaise I use oat crème fraiche instead and I think it works just as well!

Recipe below:


200g pre cooked beetroot

1,5dl oat crème fraiche (oatly)

c.a 0,5-1dl alprosoya yoghurt

c.a ½ red onion

salt and pepper

**Note, you can switch the alprosoya yoghurt to mayonnaise or use just soya yoghurt for a “lighter” version.

Also note, you can add grated apple for some extra sweetness and crunch.

How to:

Chop the beetroot and onion (and apple if using) into small pieces and mix together with the rest of the ingredients. Let cool in the fridge minimum of 20 minutes before serving! The longer you let it “marinate” the better it will taste 🙂



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Do you use pickled beetroot or just plain boiled?


    1. I use plain boiled 🙂 I am sure you could use pickled though as well, however it will be a slightly different taste!


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