My goals before the age of 25

Yesterday i began thinking about what i want in my life and some of the goals i have before i am 25.

25 is just 3 years away which isn’t so long, but in those 3 years there is still alot i want to achieve.

My weekly, monthly and yearly goals are just smaller goals which will bring me to my larger goals. I dont have a 5 or 10 year plan, just dreams that turn into goals which require action to get there.

I must admit, i am a bit of a dreamer… i am good at thinking of all the things i want to do and achieve but i am not so much of a “doer”…. i.e i am not so great at actually starting the process and taking the steps to reach the goals. So slowly but surely i am trying to remind myself that i need to actually take steps towards my goals and not just sit and dream about them. Being aware that i am more of a thinker and a finisher, i.e i am a bit of a perfectionist and when it comes to small details and finishing a project i am good at that… i am good at seeing the pros and cons and seeing the “whole finished” project and finishing on time. But i have a lot of fears and insecurities which hold me back from actually starting. Sometimes i think “i can’t fail if i dont even try” or, “i wont succeed anyway so why even try”.

Being aware of this mindset and how i am is the first step to making a change! (Note, when it comes to school work and projects i am fine at starting and finishing and fulfilling the requirements and the project – just when it comes to “life” goals and projects i am not as great at it.)

So what are my goals:

By the age of 25 (or 30!) i want to:
1) Start my own business and start coaching clients and helping with nutrition. I know that i will most likely have to work with other things which starting my own business, but i want to atleast start. And who knows, maybe i will realise that i don’t even want my own business, that i want to work for others…. but i need to atleast try!

2) I want my own apartment. Right now i don’t know where i want to live. Whether i will move back to Stockholm when i have finished studying or if i will stay in Gothenburg. Or whether i decide to leave Sweden and travel or move to another country… right now i don’t know. So for now i just want to rent my own apartment and eventaully buy my own apartment in the city i want to live and work in.

3) I want to adopt a dog when i have the right economy and my own apartment. Adopting a dog requires alot of time, money and knowing that you can take care of the dog – so even if i wish i could just go adopt a dog next week, i know that until i have both economical safety and have my own place where i am allowed dogs as well as have things figured out with work, i know i can’t do that.

4) Travel – i want to travel more, both for holiday but also for work. Maybe do lectures, maybe have workshops…. who knows. But i want to travel both inside of EU and outside of the EU!

5) Get my bachelors and have atleast one qualification to help with my future career!

6) I want to grow my social media – dare to expand and not be so worried about friends and family following me. Try youtube (maybe), make a facebook page, etc etc

I know that i may not achieve these things before i turn 25 i might be 35 before i achieve these things. But by writing them down it is also a way to hold myself accountable and remind myself that if  i want them to happen and come true, then i need to take action and actually do something, not just sit and think about them and hope they come true!


So tell me, do you have any goals you want to achieve in the next 5 years? 🙂


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  1. livenotsurvivesite says:

    I want to be free of my eating disorder and my depression. I want to have at least one tattoo. I want to finish school and start studying at a university. I want to move out of my parents house. I want to adopt a dog or a cat or both:D I want to start learning a new language (maybe Russian or Italien). I want to be more social and don’t let anxiety stop me from socialising. That’s all I can think of by now:)


    1. Those are some amazing goals which i really hope you reach!!! By writing out the goals and knowing what you want to work towards it can be easier to keep them in the back of your head and take active steps towards them 🙂 So everyday, small choices and changes can bring you closer to your goals… such as if you decide to spend atleast 10 minutes everyday studying a new language, in 2 years time that will be alot of time spent learning a new language!


  2. [ Smiles ] I wish you the best in achieving all of your goals before the age of twenty-five.


      1. [ Smiles ] You are welcome!


  3. lcb54321 says:

    Izzy, those are excellent goals. You would be such a great coach!
    Check you Lumerit Scholars Unbound for achieving you BA. It is incredible and competitively inexpensive.


  4. The thing with having goals is that they often require a lot of “foundation work” to achieve – and that’s the tricky part. Sometimes its hard to stay on track and work towards what you ultimately want, but as they say – “a journey starts with a single step”!
    I guess my goals are –
    To find a house I actually like enough to want to move into – we are looking to move but cannot find anywhere I really like, so it would be nice if something good came along 🙂
    To be fit and well again enough to drive – I had to sell my car last year because of illness so it would be great if I could get my independence back again. I really miss the freedom of being able to go where I want/when I want without having to rely on other people!
    To further my studies in sociology, beyond foundation – maybe a degree course


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