Vegan christmas brunch and dinner

As a vegan it can be easy to miss out on social events, either because you aren’t invited or because there won’t be anything vegan so you don’t eve bother going. But for me, veganism should not restrict me in anyway and especially not in my social life.

So when my friends suggested a christmas brunch i was quick to say yes and was looking forward to today! Everyone brought something to the brunch, and i bought the bread and cinnamon crisp bread and then also brought with me some soya yoghurt (as i didn’t feel like making my own rice pudding) as well as some vegan meat balls and vegan margarine to put on the bread.


My friends are all very supportive and understanding of me being vegan and as far as i know they don’t find it annoying or hard to invite me to social events. Such as for midsummer my friend who was hosting the midsummer dinner made everything 80% vegan which i was extremely happy and surprised over as i had planned to just bring my own food with me as it is easier that way. And today i could everything apart from the clearly non vegan food such as the eggs, ham and store bought rice pudding. I personally don’t want to complicate things and usually just bring my own food and am happy to spend time with friends. Some vegans like to put high standards and get upset if there isn’t any vegan food available, which i can understand but at the same time i don’t expect there to be vegan food and instead rather be surprised if there is. But everyone is different and as veganism isn’t an allergy but a choice i have made i can’t expect others to accommodate for that choice like they would with someone who has an allergy – but even then many don’t even consider that when making food. Of course i am lucky that many of my friends do take into consideration that i eat vegan and many ask me for advice or what brands or products they can buy or how they can veganize certain food, so i am very lucky as i know many others don’t have supportive friends or family and every social event they go to there is nothing vegan and just a bunch of meat and dairy. And i understand that can get tiring, especially if you have to argue and explain your choices each time.


First round, there was more after this!

Anyway, i had a lovely morning with friends anda  christmas inspired brunch to kick off the weekend! And continuing on with the christmas theme for my early lunch/dinner!


Also, would you like to know some of the typical christmas type of foods i will be making vegan this year? Or what ideas i have to make anyway – as i might not make them all… just let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a post like that 🙂


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  1. livenotsurvivesite says:

    Reading about your meal ideas for christmas would be great as I am really unsure what to cook for my first christmas as a vegan:)


  2. It would be great to read which Christmas foods you may be making this year – perhaps I can pick up a few ideas myself (I`m a bit stuck at the moment!)
    Lovely to read you had a nice time at your Christmas brunch – the food looked really good 🙂


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