Vegan christmas dinner ideas (Swedish style!)

Christmas is just around the corner, and like previous years… it doesn’t feel like christmas at all. Most likely because i have so much school work so i don’t have time to think about what day or date it is or even think about that the days to Christmas are flying by! Luckily i have gotten 60% of the christmas presents, but still unsure what i should buy for the remaining gifts…… Buying presents isn’t my strong side, not only do i find it extremely commercial and a little too materialistic, i would rather buy something that the person really wants or needs and not just small gifts that will never be used or end up sitting in the persons storage for the next 10 years, hahaha.

I may not be in the Christmas spirit, but i have atleast begun thinking about what food i might be making for Christmas dinner. Because I am Swedish, all these ideas are veganized versions of the typical christmas dinner in Sweden. So if you live in other countries these recipes might seem weird or unusual as you  might eat other typical dishes for christmas!

No one in my family eats meat, they do eat eggs and fish though, but i am guessing we will buy store bought vegan meat balls to replace the typical christmas meat balls – unless i decide to make my own from beans and lentils. But as i arrive to my parents 2 days before christmas eve and on the 23rd we will spend travelling to the house we will spend christmas in (as well as  doing the christmas food shopping!), i don’t know if i will have the time to do lots of cooking.

Christmas food ideas i plan to make (some of them anyway):

Roasted potatoes alternative hasselback potatoes. (Or you could do boiled, but i don’t like boiled potatoes so i will roast mine!)

Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato – maybe mix in some pecans or make a nice sauce for this!


Beetroot salad (recipe here)

Coleslaw (recipe here)

Savoury “shrimp” cheesecake i.e skagentårta . It’s a typical swedish savoury cheesecake which you use lots of mayonaise and prawns, but i will be using tofu instead.

Kale and onion pie (made one last year!) But can’t seem to find the recipe, but i will keep searching and post the recipe in a blog post.


Tofu “ribs” or using Oumph! Recipe 

Maybe a potato gratang!

Some type of home made bread!

Oven roasted vegetables is always a good idea and perfect for leftovers the next day!



Either a ginger bread & lingon cheese cake or a saffron cheesecake.


I will try to find and post the recipe for this saffron cheesecake as well 🙂
Or maybe this chocolate and gingerbread cake?

But also saffron buns (recipe), maybe some fudge or ginger bread cookies, maybe i will make my own chocolates or truffles!

Some chocolate covered orange or maybe i will bake the orange in the oven and the drizzle over some nuts and chocolate 🙂

Rice pudding (Recipe HERE or a coconut rice pudding recipe)


More Christmas food ideas! (which i won’t make, but you might want to try them!)

In Sweden a typical christmas food is herring in different sauces. So vegans make a version using aubergine instead which is supposed to be very similar! recipe HERE and  HERE

Seitan ham – Recipe here

A soft gingerbread cake, or some ginger bread muffins.

Daim chocolate or rocky road.


These are just some of the ideas i could think of now 🙂 But hopefully they will help inspire you if you are unsure what to make for christmas dinner!

Let me know in the comment section what you plan to eat and/or make for christmas 🙂

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  1. We`ve got family coming for Christmas dinner this year so it will be traditional roast turkey for them – whilst I intend to make a vegetable and cashew bake for myself. we will have roasted vegetables which we can all have. What with cooking two meals its a case of trying to keep things simple and making sure theres oven space! For dessert I was going to cheat and buy a vegan/GF Christmas pudding but after seeing your recipe for saffron cheese cake thought I may make that instead 🙂
    On Boxing day it is usually cold meat, pickles, chips and bubble and squeak made out of the leftover veg – and of course homemade coleslaw!
    I will probably have the same minus the cold meat as I love bubble and squeak 🙂


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