Vegan saffron cheesecake recipe

Last year i made a delicious saffron cheesecake which is, to this day, one of the best cakes i have made. It is simple but incredibly delicious! I have a habit of always going over the top when i make cake… making double or tripple layers and all types of decorations and flavours, but sometimes simple is best, even when it comes to dessert! So here is a recipe to the vegan cheesecake – no bake recipe!




75g digestive biscuits (or gingerbread cookies)

200g gingerbread cookies

80g melted vegan margarine


3dl (300ml) vegan cream such as alpro (should be able to be whipped)

400-600g oatly cream cheese

1 1/2 dl sugar

1 tbs vanilla sugar

c.a 0,5-1g saffron

&More ginger bread for topping

How to:

Begin with crushing the gingerbread cookies (& digestives if you use them) into a crumble. Mix together with the melted butter and place into your cake form to make the base. Add more crushed cookies or melted butter if necessary. Place into the fridge while making the filling.

Whisk together the whipped cream. Note. adding a few drops of vinegar or lemon can help make it more whipped and fluffy. Also make sure there is no fat in the bowl or on the whisk as that can make it less likely to become fluffy.  In another bowl mix together the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and saffron. Then “fold in” the whipped cream into the cream cheese mix. When it is all mixed together, pour into the cake form and let sit in the freezer to solidify. Take out of the freezer c.a 30 minutes before serving and optional to top with some more gingerbread cookies.

Also note, can mix in some lingonberries into the mix for some bitterness.


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    this looks so delicious – and fairly simple to make too, I think I have just found what will be my Christmas dessert this year!
    Thanks for posting this 🙂


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