This weeks meal prep

As a busy student meal prep is one of the best ways to save money, time and make sure that i eat enough throughout the day and the week! By now you know that i don’t make any “real food dishes” such as lasagna, pie, wok etc Instead i cook up different food items or maybe some lentil soup and then just combine those ingredients into my meal box in the morning, or place everything on to a plate when it is lunch and dinner time! This works for me anyway 🙂


So this weeks meal prep consisted of a green lentil soup with vegetables, beans, crushed tomatos and oat cream. I also added vegetable broth which i haven’t done in a very long as i don’t typically have vegetable broth at home, but i found 2 cubes left over from when i made seitan a few weeks ago! That added a lot of flavour which i loved!

Garlic roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato cubes. My favourite is sweet potato and brussel sprouts mixed together, and i have actually been eating this combo as a snack recently!! (Oil, garlic, salt – into the oven at 225 degrees for c.a 25 minutes)

Sweet potato crisps – these are perfect as a snack or eating together with the lentil soup to make a sort of “fake” nacho dish!

Baked hasselback sweet potato – oil, salt, tiny bit of syrup to add colour & bread crumbs!

Sriracha and peanut butter fried tofu – I am sure it would have tasted better if i baked them, but i already had so much in the oven so decided to fry instead!

Coleslaw: Red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots mixed together with oat creme fraiche and alpro soya yoghurt (recipe)

I only really have 5 days to feed myself as i will be travelling to my families house next week, but this meal prep is what i have for the upcoming week and last few days in school! As well as lots more vegetables, beetroot, beans, avocado and of course oats, yoghurt, nuts, fruit for breakfast and snacks!


Safe to say that i am looking forward to all my upcoming meals!!

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  1. You are so organized! Perfect way to make sure you eat so varied and well during the week when maybe you are pushed for time 🙂
    Have a lovely time with you family over Christmas!


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