Vegansk skagencheesecake – Recipe

A typical swedish dish is “skagen röra” which is typical made with prawns, but you can veganize it using tofu and you can make a cheesecake out of it. I.e a savoury cheesecake that is 🙂


Original recipe from Annie Månsson at Vegokäk


Skagen Cheesecake
6-8 bits

200 g rye bread
75 g vegan margarine

3 (450g) jars of vegan cream cheese ex Oatly påmackan
1 tub (100g) of vegan caviar  (Picture: source )
1 small red onion
0.5 lemon – zest + juice
1 pot / 0.5 pack of frozen dill
100 g of tofu
3 krm liquid smoke
1 tablespoon of vegan caviar (vegiar) (note, can be omitted)
salt & pepper

Decorate with chives, dill and more caviar.

How to:
Mix the rye bread into crumbs and mix together with the melted margarine. Press the mix into the bottom of a mold/pie form with removable edges. Place into the fridge to cool and solidify.

In a bowl crumble tofu finely. Add the liquid smoke + salt and mix together.

Finely chop red onion and dill and finely grate the lemon.

In a bowl mix together the cream cheese, tofu mix, vegan caviar, red onion, dill, vegiar and lemon zest & juice. Season with salt & add extra liquid smoke if you want more taste. Once it is all mixed together pour ontop of the base and place into the freezer for 30-60 minutes to solidify. Take out of the freezer c.a 20 minutes before serving and decorate before serving!


Original recipe from HERE


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