Food in society – normal eating is different for everyone

The course i am studying at the moment is “food in society” which is very interesting. However I’m not learning so much new as alot of it is rather obvious for me anyway. Such as how food is sich a huge part of a person’s identity…. example i eat plant based and that is a huge part of my identity and shows who i am, but even some of my values in life. Not to mention with my social media which is based around food, it’s even more of my identity compared to someone who eats just to get energy and then moves on.

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Also how men and women eat different and what foods are associated with different genders, not to mention portion sizes and what social crowd you are with affects what and hoe you eat. People want to fit in and food/eating habits can change based on who you are with.  I can say personally that my eating habits change depending on who i am with…. example am i cooking for others I’ll make actual food dishes and not just roasted veggies or lentil soup. But also my portion sizes are often smaller when im eating with others. And example ‘ill often eat more junk food when im around others compared to when i just eat ob my own. I want to fit in, so if others order pizza i’ll most likely order that as well… unless i really want something else, then i’ll order that. But people want to fit in, so it’s not strange that you might vary what you eat depending on who you are with.


And then of course economy, religion and culture all effect how and what you eat. I often mention that how i eat is normal for me…. example I’ve grown up eating lots of vegetables and lentils and that’s not strange for me. But for someone who has grown up eating pizza and fries for lunch they might find it strange to eat lentil soup for lunch. Or example in Sweden its normal with cooked lunch but in Ireland we always had sandwiches for lunch. And then of course frequency of meal times vary. In Sweden it’s not strange to eat 5-6 times a day, But in other countries they only eat 2-3 meals  a day.

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People grow up eating differently and different foods. This is so important to remember.  I’ve had many comments from people (online) telling me that i eat weird or strange but for me i eat normal and normal food items, but to another culture it might be very strange. Not to mention what social group you hang out with. If you’re part of the gym world it’s not strange to consume protein powder, BCAA etc while in other social group’s their typical lunch might be pizza which would be extremely strange in the gym world.

This is something more people need to remember before commenting that people eat strange or strange food. And very important if working with people and food and maybe people from different cultures. For example if i plan to work online with people or even to travel to different countries and work with nutrition then i need to remember what is normal for the culture which those individuals or groups live in. For example i can’t tell people in the UK to eat the same way that is normal and how people in Sweden eat. Or tell people in Sweden to eat the normal way that people in the US do. Not to mention i need to take into consideration what is normal for the individual and then try to give advice from that…. if a person consumes alot of meat and dairy it’s not so practical to then tell them to cut out all meat and dairy at once. I.e i need to give advice based on the individual, how they eat, what is normal for them to eat, their economy, the foods they like etc THIS is what makes a good nutritionist/dietician/coach… to not just give the same meal plan to everyone and think it will work. Sure i can give general advice, but one on one coaching with advice based on the individual is what is best according to me! No point telling someone to eat lentil soup and veggies if they hate lentils and vegetables. Instead maybe they like other vegan meals!

It is definitely an interesting course, even if there is alot of work which makes the course a little less fun. But also that everything is rather obvious to me already and not something new, but it is a good reminder 🙂

The main point of this post was to talk about yesterdays school day which involved presentations and cooking food from a different culture – however that will be in the next post coming up this afternoon as this post is already so long!!

**post written on my phone so i excuse any grammar mistakes**

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  1. It must be so interesting to study how different factors influence how we eat – there are so many when you stop to think about it!
    Interesting that you tend to have a cooked meal at lunchtime – here in the UK we generally have a cold dinner of sandwiches and a cooked meal at tea time, and snacks don`t really feature either unless you count a biscuit with a cup of tea/coffee in the afternoon. We tend to only eat three main meals a day too – breakfast, dinner and tea. So I guess this is very different to how you eat in Sweden!


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