School buffet with food from different cultures

As mentioned in my previous post, as part of my university course we had to do research about a different food culture and then hold a presentation and then cook some typical food from that culture.

The different cultures varied from Syrian, Afghanistan, Finland, Tunisian, Somalia etc


There were 6 groups and each group made 2-3 dishes which resulted in alot of food, and luckily alot of it was vegan. This is because in many cultures outside of the western world eating vegan is the cheapest. Eating meat is expensive and not an everyday thing so instead they use alot of local cheap food such as grains, vegetables, beans and alot of different spices – which makes for amazing vegan food. Now a days meat is so cheap and it is an everyday or even an every meal thing for many people. Many people base their food around meat and if there isn’t meat on the plate the meal isn’t complete. Whereas in other cultures meat would be eaten at special times…. and that is where the problem lies… that meat is so cheap and there is an over consumption of it. Many people don’t realise they can eat delicious, nutritious and filling meals without animal products. We need to take more inspiration from other countries and cultures – use more spices, oils, different ways of cooking. Just as simple as adding different spices to rice makes a huge difference. Or what about eating food with bread and lots of different sauces and such… not just the boring meat, potatoes, sauce which many western countries have (or well Ireland and Sweden, hahah.) Get creative!


I am definitely inspired after yesterday and even if i eat sort of varied and different, i need to take more inspiration from other countries and cultures. Add saffron to rice, make aubergine sauce, mix bulgur and green lentils and all these different sauces, mixes and spices make for a delicious meal!


Below are pictures of the buffet with food that my class made. Unfortunatly i can not tell you the recipes, ingredients or what the food is called, but maybe you can get inspired by how colourful and good the dishes look even if i can’t tell you what is in them or how they are made!




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  1. What an awesome post and makes me realize how much we do eat meat and do not even think twice about it. I am not vegetarian or vegan so this really made me think. I love all the colorful food and makes me want to eat more vegan style.


  2. Anniiitschka says:

    This is so cool and an amazing idea!
    And i agree to the fact that meat is too cheap and therefore to often on our plate. I’m not vegan yet (and sometimes not vegetarian), but i more and more become aware that eating no more animal products doesn’t mean less variety 🙂

    Greets from Berlin


  3. It occurred to me whilst reading your post that we tend to base a meal around whatever meat or fish we are having – ie decide what accompaniments to have alongside the main item, which is the meat or fish! Rice or other grains,vegetables etc are an accompaniment, not a feature. It wasn’t until my food intolerances were discovered and I began to eat vegan foods that I had to change my mindset either.


  4. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Great post and very thought provoking. Meat is far too cheap and readily available – more people really should make more use of non animal products. The Government health officials here in the UK are now recommending that we eat at least two non meat meals a week, so maybe this will catch on just like the eating 5 a day has! The change will be hard for many though, as a meal of “meat and two veg” is what most of us have been brought up to accept as standard.
    The food you all made looked fantastic – what happened to it all? Did you eat it?


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