Let’s talk about Christmas…. it’s not all that it’s made out to be

Let’s talk Christmas…. i thought i would share some personal thoughts about  Christmas which i have.

There is alot of talk and hype about Christmas on social media but even in real life as well, and i know i have mentioned Christmas MANY times on social media the past week(s). There is christmas food, celebrations, presents, decorations and the list goes on…. But is Christmas really that great?


For me, i guess i have this picture of how cosy christmas is… together with the family, but it never turns out the way i imagined. Instead its stressful with the food, its heated discussions at the dinner table, the elderly in my family often talk about calories, weight and post christmas diets at the table. They comment about my food and my portions. You don’t get any space on your own on Christmas as it’s all about “family” time. I despise the commercialism around Christmas and i don”t like receiving gifts… infact i hate the whole “let’s give out the gifts” part of Christmas, i would much rather skip that. I hate how everyone has different expectations of how Christmas should be and it never lives up to anyones imagined day. Not to mention that there is often ALOT of meat and animal products for the majority of households on Christmas, luckily we are having a 80% vegan christmas which means alot to me.

I know that not everyone celebrates, so i can imagine that if you don’t celebrate, dont have anyone to celebrate with or you live alone or you just don’t like christmas you might feel lonely and excluded during the weeks following up to the holiday. Everyone excited and hyped up. But if i am honest, i don’t like Christmas that much. Not to mention that several Christmas holidays were a disaster and a bit of a nightmare because of my previous eating eating disorder and mental illnesses. Far too many Christmases i have cried and hidden myself away and thought very negative thoughts. I think last year, 2016, was the first christmas in many years that i actually felt positive and happy for the majority of the day..

What i don’t like about Christmas either is the pressure of the perfect gift, the perfect day, the perfect food…. it can all be too much.

What i do like about christmas though is just being with my family. There is something special about waking up on Christmas morning with my family and there is a special vibe in the air, but by the end of the day everyone is tired and ready to have some “alone time”.

Why am i writing this post? Well because i need to be honest and if there are others who don’t like or celebrate Christmas – know that you aren’t alone. It’s not as great or special as some make it out to be.


How to make Christmas great according to me? Skip the gifts and commercialism. Skip the christmas music. Spend time with the people you love, whoever that may be. Make your favourite and delicious food, skip the traditional food which you might not even like. Do something you love and take the pressure away from having a perfect or picturesque day… it’s not like in the movies and the day will never go as you expected, planned or wanted. Just try to have a good day.

Christmas really isn’t that special unless you are religious and in all honesty, it is just another day according to me, hahaha.

These are just my thoughts and i know that some people LOVE Christmas, and that is fine as well, we are all different. But i thought i would share my thoughts nonetheless, and i plan to have a great Christmas this year anyway even if i may seem like the grinch at times!!!


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  1. Josephine says:

    Totally agree! My family feels the same. We don’t like the commercialism at all and don’t even cook sth special. In stead we have a party on the 29th because that is my dad’s birthday 😉 I love the lead up to christmas though because for me it is all about closing the year and celebrating winter time with all the lights and such! But xmas hasn’t ever been sth special haha.


  2. jarunkacube says:

    Finaly somebody said it out loud!!!! Izzy, thank you so much for this article!
    I feel like a total Grinch these days. Everybody raving about Christmas, but it so annoys me. I donţ like tinsel, ostentation, the hype connected to the holidays. It got too commercial, it has nothing to do with the original idea. The only positive thing about them is to seeing my family, because I love them so much and I’m not able to be with them other time of the year.
    But also, when we finally come together, it is all about food, sarcastic remarks about my eating habits, comments on my weight and stupid questions why I don’t eat that or that. It just makes me sad.
    And then, the gift unwrapping time comes. And I’m embarassed by the other’s behaviour – they’re expecting amazing presents, the more the better, the more expensive the better.. I try to please everybody, buy them what I think they’ll really like and appreciate, but I limit it to be more in the vibe of modesty. I prefer homemade gifts that you think through, take into consideration the person’s hobbies and interests, but this attempts often doesn’t find the understanding on the other side which saddens me.
    I hope I wrote it kinda comprehensive, my thoughts are fluctuating and are hard to express.
    But to sum it up, I take Christmas as nothing special, it’s a normal day to me. Sometimes I even perceive them as a burden, because they’re connected with lot of travel, stress and tensed atmosphere.
    Yeah yeah, a real Grinch, as I said it at the beginning…
    But I highly appreciate this post because I know I’m not the only one with this type of thinking.


  3. Conni says:

    I’m really into Christmas this year & I’m not sure why. I think it may be because I’ve changed a lot in this past year & I am just way more grateful and want to make the most of every moment! I agree that the commercial side of it is awful… When I go to town and see how many people are out there shopping, but acting CRAZY about it, it makes me quite sad, to be honest. Like you said, the real meaning of Christmas is just to be with your family, take time off and have fun! Not all of this pressure with gift giving and having the ‘perfect day’! xx


  4. Christmas has become way too commercialised and it seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. There is that built up hype of what the perfect Christmas should be and if yours is not (for whatever reason) you are made to feel at a disadvantage. I think the secret to having a good Christmas is to follow your heart and do what makes you happy – spend time with your family if that is what you want and also make time for yourself. Perhaps eat the food you like rather than that that tradition says you should. Make Christmas a day where you do things you enjoy, not things that make you stressed or sad.
    I am going to try my hardest to relax this year and enjoy the day for what it is – go for a walk with family, watch a film on TV – get help with cooking Christmas dinner rather than try to do it all myself (as I have done in previous years). And to remember that it is only one day and not worth getting stressed out over!


  5. Lana says:

    I am glad when it is over. It is based in horrific pagan god worship and even churches go along with such a false tradition.


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