Thinking about going vegan 2018? Start the year with a Veganuary challenge!

After a spark of inspiration i decided i might make a group on facebook and a page which you can join if you are considering going vegan for the new year! Of course you don’t have to go vegan but maybe you are interested in doing a 30 day vegan challenge where hopefully you go 30 day plant based, but maybe it is just a way to get inspiration even if it is not the right time in your life to actually go vegan.

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It would ve a group and sort of community where you can get advice, inspiration, ask questions and who knows… maybe make other vegan friends. Hopefully there will be people from all over the world who want to join, or maybe it is just me, my mum and one or two others… who knows. But i thought it would be a great way to help inspire people who want to eat more plant based or live a vegan lifestyle but are still feeling unsure. You would be able to ask questions and maybe not feel as intimidated as many do when a group has 100 000 members. And then it might be easier for me to answer as i usually get asked the same questions over and over, so instead i can answer there… or if i don’t know the answer or don’t have the time to answer then others can help!

So that is my plan, and i am hoping i can get everything up and running and feel confident to press the “make public/private” button on the page! Of course i do have school work over the christmas break and so i am not completely free- i will be in school during January, so along with blogging, instagram, emails and who knows… maybe youtube as well as school work i don’t know how much time i will have. But i will make it work if i really want to! 🙂

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The goal is also to start with health coaching eventually which can be more one-on-one advice and help or nutrition plans and advice – which of course would be a paid for service, but hopefully worth the investmest for you 🙂 But the facebook group is just a place for advice, inspiration, motivation and help! That is my plan anyway… but like i have mentioned before, i am good at thinking of goals and dreams but not as good at taking the steps to actually reach the goal hahah.

However i am going to do a poll on my Instagram stories, HERE, so please go there and vote yes/no whether you are interested in a group and some inspiration for a 30 day veganuary challenge! 🙂

And if i do decide to make the page then i will post the link here, but it will most likely be sometime between 26-29th December, so just before veganuary!


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  1. What a brilliant idea! I think its great that you are planning a FB page 🙂
    There was a thing about “veganuary” in a magazine I read this week – looks like they are running the challenge here too. I wonder if any other country is doing it? I think its a great way to introduce people to the vegan style/plant based way of eating!


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