Whole foods store – mat paradiset – Food heaven for a foodie like me!

Friday and the last few Christmas fixing and prepping to do! After a morning walk with my dog i decided to follow with my step dad to do some last minute christmas shopping. I have already bought all the christmas gifts im giving away, but i needed new tights and had one gift idea i wanted to see if i could find – which infact i did.

I hate shopping as it is, even worse during times like christmas or sales.  All the people stress me out and there is a stressful energy and it gives me so much anxiety. Last weekend when i tried to go christmas shopping i ended up with a panic/anxiety attack from all the people. I felt myself getting anxiety today as well so instead went into a – new for me- whole food store which was like heaven to me. Its called Mat paradiset!

Lots of vegan products, organic, whole foods and even a lunch place which i ate lunch with my step dad.

I think i spent 20-30 minutes just walking around, looking at products and taking pictures!

I also loved that you could fill a bag with nuts, grains, musli etc and even make your own nut butter. Its a lot like whole food store and thrive store and such which are in England/usa i think!

I love whole food stores and just looking at different products. It was rather expensive so i didn’t buy anything, but i did eat lunch which was fabulous!!! Sweet potato, bean salad and vegme protein topped with cashews and pumpkin seeds!

Tonight its christmas prep with decorating the tree!

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  1. Wow – that shop certainly had an extensive range of products! some I recognised as being sold here too, the fruit bear snacks and the violife cheese, but I can see you must have been spoilt for choice! Tell me, don`t they mind you taking pictures inside the shop???
    They do have wholefood shops here – selling dried fruits and nuts but nothing like this – and having a restaurant as part of the shop seems like a very good idea!
    I would love to walk around a shop like this 🙂


    1. I love stores like that and can easily spend an hour just browsing and looking at everything. I don’t think they minded, i know some staff saw me but they didn’t say anything. If they asked i would have just told them i am a blogger/food blogger and that i was giving them free promotion hahah. I had alot of people on my instagram ask me where it was and wanted to go there, so if anything it is just positive for them! Usually stores don’t like you taking pictures or vlogging and i understand that. I tried to do it discretely though 🙂


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