Happy Christmas 

Sunday 24th of December the day of Christmas celebrations in Sweden!

Started my day with a walk around the country neighbourhood followed by a late breakfast and then gettinf ready for the celebrations!

Christmas is mostly a day of waiting… we’ve alreadt fixed most of the food, so just have to heat them up and fix a salad. So today its mostly waiting…. waiting until food, then opening the presents, the drinks and games and then some form of Christmas film! The traditional christmas celebrations in my family!

I want to wish you all a lovely day whatever you are doing, whether you celebrate or not! Try to enjoy the day, don’t put any pressure on yourself or stress out. Eat the food you want, enjoy it and then try not ro feel guilt over it. Food won’t hurt you as long as you aren’t allergic to it. Have a lovely day and a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Your Christmas tree looks stunning – I hope you had a lovely day yesterday! Today, the 25th is when we celebrate Christmas and so far things are going well. Already done most of the food prep yesterday so only the veggies and potatoes to prepare today, planning ahead eases so much pressure its well worth doing:) So its just a matter of filling in time now until the family arrive and we can start on the Christmas dinner – going to try and get out for a walk in the fresh air at some point and then maybe watch a film on tv.
    Hope you have a lovely day today !


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