Vegan christmas dinner!

Christmas eve, and maybe it’s a little too late for you to make these… but maybe not if you celebrate on the 25th!

I actully used all the recipes on my blog! (Best thing about having a food blog hahah, you have all the recipes collected!)

The dishes i made were a “skagen cheesecake” which is like a creamy swa food mix turned into a cheesecake and made vegan of course! And then a tofu and kale pie! And some side dishes i.e beetroot salad and roasted sweet potato and brussel sprouts! And then i of course made dessert which was a gingerbread cheesecake with lingonberries! And some baked goods i.e saffron buns and raw food balls with the taste of gingerbread and orange (all of them were eaten yesterday after dinner haha. And approved by everyone!)

My step dad will make buffalo cualiflower wings and this typical potato and cream dish! And then there will be some non vegan food which i don’t plan to mention haha!

I can’t wait to eat all the food, but also happy that my family agreed to a mostly vegan dinner/lunch!!

**cant link the recipes as im on my phone, but if you look at my recipe category all the recipes are there!!**

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  1. Happy Christmas Izzy – I hope you had a lovely time celebrating yesterday and today goes well for you too! The food you cooked looks and sounds lovely, especially the cheese cake 🙂 Its good that your food was mostly vegan, for me that’s definitely not the case and I am the only one eating separate things this year, but never mind! Its just one day and not worth getting stressed out over!
    Just a matter of getting through today and trying to enjoy it for what it is, but I will be glad when its over and things get back to normal 🙂


  2. How long do you roast Brussel sprouts for and do you par boil them first?


    1. About 20-25 minutes in the oven 🙂 And no i don’t cook them first!


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