Liz Earle Beauty and hair products – Cruelty free and Vegan

When it comes to Christmas presents i am not much for sharing what i got – i may have done it in the past years. But sometimes i feel like it’s just a way for people to show off what they got and to boast about all the fancy gifts they have received. This however leads to comparison among people and all i can think about is the people who don’t celebrate Christmas, the people who don’t have families to celebrate with or those who can barely afford food on Christmas nonetheless gifts. Not to mention that i find it all extremely commercialised… so even if i like giving gifts because it is something i have thought about specifically for the person and i like seeing how  happy it makes them. I am not much for receiving gifts myself… not on days like Christmas or my birthday anyway. Instead i would much rather receive random gifts of any given day haha. One of those gifts which usually is bought because the person saw something they knew i would like or needed and there was no “reason” or expectation to give gifts.



However for Christmas my mum got me this huge set of Liz Earle beauty and hair products – which i had not expected. I had asked for one or two beauty products and a concealer as it’s soemthing i need but don’t buy myself. So it was amazing to recieve such a huge gift box. Also my mum knows that it is important for me that the products i use are vegan and Cruelty free and that is exactly what these products are… or well, 2 of the products contian beeswax and are therefore not vegan. However i am going to keep them… mostly because i don’t feel like selling them and i know i will use them. Of course if you are militant and extreme with your veganism you may not think that is right, but for me the little beeswax really isn’t that big deal and in the future i will buy a replacement which is both cruelty free and completely vegan, but for now it is ok!

We all make our choices!



The cleanse and polish and the face exfoliater in the blue box contain beeswax.

I have yet to try any of the products, so i guess i will write about them in a few weeks time when i have gotten the chance to test them and see how they work!!


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  1. M. says:

    It was interesting to see this — it is always the non-food related aspects of veganism that seem most difficult, and so it was good to see this.

    On your instagram you wrote about purple plants and anthocyanins. This prompted me to look them up online, and I found an article about the results of various studies that were all done using animals. That made me wonder whether you might do a blogpost on your perspective as a vegan nutrition student on the ethics of research into nutrition. Is that something that is handled in your course? Is it something that students talk about among themselves? I hope this is not a horrible question — I am not trying to make you worry about things that maybe you were not worrying about before. But you are intelligent and down to earth, and I just wondered about how this side of thing is experienced. I am only curious though — don’t feel obliged to reply!


    1. I’ve always found the food bit easier, however knowing what products are vegan, cruelty free but also good is hard. I have yet to find a vegan deodorant which i think is good, but i am still trying different brands, hahah. So when i do find good vegan products i like to share them which might help others!

      We have talked about the ethical parts regarding research, but also how so many mice and rats are used during research. I don’t agree that it is right to use rats or animals for research but many researchers think it is more ethically right to do research on animals than on humans. It is easier for researchers to use animals to test different things but just like with animal testing with make up and skin products, they have found ways to test without using animals. Also when it comes to nutrition much research is done on animals and the results can’t always be used directly for human advice i.e just because xxg/mg of a substance is toxic for animals doesn’t mean it is toxic or has the same effect on humans. Such as with different sweeteners and other substances there is a safety dose which reserachers have set based on reserach done on animals. Sometimes the results seen in animals isn’t the same results seen in humans ,which also makes me wonder why we have to test on animals in the first place. Hopefully in the future there won’t be any animals used in research. Not sure if i answered your question or not, but we have talked about it in my course and hopefully in the future research won’t have to be done on animals.


  2. Sarah says:

    Couldn’t you write a post on what opinions you have about artificially sweeteners?


    1. caroljoanne1969 says:

      I agree this would be interesting. For me personally, cutting out all sweeteners from my diet was the best thing I could have done. I reacted badly to a couple of different ones and have found since cutting them out completely I no longer crave sweet things like I did when I was consuming sweeteners. These days I`d rather use real sugar if necessary in cooking ect or none at all rather than use sweeteners.


      1. I have written a post about sugars vs sweetners here: Hopefully that helps 🙂 My opinon is moderation of both… I personally prefer using sweeteners such as stevia before sugar, which you will see in my recipes. But everyone makes their own choice and the best is to limit both sugar and sweeteners and as long as you don’t overdo either then it is no problem 🙂 Somedays i eat cookies baked with flour and sugar and other days i make oatmeal cookies using stevia! But in general in everyday life i consume sugar free products and sweeteners and then for holidays or if i am offered food that is vegan and contains sugar i will eat that 🙂


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I have heard of Liz Earle beauty products but never actually tried them myself – but they are supposed to be very good. Surprised to see such a “local” address for the manufacturer on the bottles you pictured, The Isle of Wight isn’t that far from me!!
    Let me know what you think of the products when you get the chance to try them – I may buy some for myself 🙂


    1. I had never heard of Liz Earle before, but so far the products i have used seem great. But i will give it a few weeks to see what i think and if it makes any difference for my skin and hair 🙂


  4. I love all of the Liz Earle products!


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