Post Christmas Detox and Diets? – What not to do

Christmas is over and it is back to routines and habits which i am glad over! I think Christmas can be cosy and time to spend with my family, but there is often so much hype and stress around Christmas not to mention far too much time spent with others so it tires me out completely. I did have a great Christmas weekend, even if i ended up with a severe headache on Christmas even and on Christmas day i ended up with extreme stomach pain so missed dinner and slept for 14 hours instead. Not sure what it was but am feeling more like myself again which i am thankful for!

I am glad to get back into my routines and habits again and that includes regular blogging, school work and work things! Not to mention my regular roasted vegetables and lentil soups which i love and have longed for. For me, after christmas i just go back to my daily routines which includes school work, work, the gym, my normal food. There is no compensation, no restricting or extra cardio, no cutting out food or feeling guilty, and no detoxes either. However this isn’t the case for everyone, i know many feel bad and feel guilty after Christmas. They worry that they’ve gained weight and feel guilty, they think they ate too much and need to compensate and many end up in a negative spiral of restricting, detoxing and then overeating and in some cases even binging. It can be a destructive cycle and something you don’t want to end up in. So here are my tips after the Christmas holiday.



You Don’t need to go on a detox or do a green juice cleanse. Your liver and kidneys work to detox your body. All the so called toxins, which i guess would the alcohol because no… sugar, carbs and fat aren’t toxins you need to rid your body of. However you liver and kidneys will get rid of the alcohol in your body, which infact is a toxin. Your muscles and organs will use the food you ate for energy, or yes, it will store the energy you don’t use. But that doesn’t have to be bad – by going back to your normal food intake your body will balance everything out. A few days of eating more won’t “ruin” anything.

It’s ok to drink lemon water and green juices, they are delicious. But they aren’t going to detox your body. Sure they can give you a placebo effect and make you feel fresh, and sometimes you just want that “fresh feeling”. But add those as extras to your normal food intake or just add some extra greens to your plate!


Don’t do excessive amounts of cardio to compensate. Going for walks or exercising can be a fun thing to do and you may feel you have extra energy which you want to use – then use it. But don’t punish yourself by doing lots of cardio or going for runs you hate or doing extra long workouts just because you feel guilty for eating more. By doing exercise out of guilt or compensation it will lead to a negative relationship with exercise and something you do because you think you have to, not because you want to. If you don’t have energy to workout, then don’t. If you do have energy, then go workout. But it is not something you should do out of guilt or fear that you will gain weight. It is not a punishment to exercise, it should be something you want to do.


Don’t restrict or have “forbidden food”. All food is ok to eat. You don’t need to restrict or cut out carbs or fat to compensate. Eat like your normal intake i.e carbs, protein, fat and fiber. Maybe add more vegetables, but you don’t need to cut down on food. If you ar someone who eats intuitively then just listen to your body, maybe you feel less hungry or maybe you feel more hungry, whatever your body is telling you… follow that.

You don’t have to try to lose weight. Many will try all types of detoxes and juice cleanses and try to burn off the calories they consumed over Christmas. But my best advice is to just go back to normal. The body is smart, you may feel you are less hungry or have more energy – naturally – that is your body’s way of trying to balance everything out.


Don’t punish yourself for eating. It is ok to eat more and enjoy food. Find peace with your body and the only detox you should do is rid yourself of toxic people in your life!

Also, listen to your body. Maybe drink more water and eat more greens, but otherwise, don’t fret or feel guilty. Ask yourself… what advice would you give a friend in your situation who said they feel the way you do? Would you tell them to go run 20km to burn off the food they ate or would you tell them that they should just drink some extra water and eat like normal!?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Josephine says:

    Important reminder for many people I think! Feel sorry for you that you have been sick 😦 You look genuinely happy in the gym pics btw! Love that 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 I was very happy to be back at the gym again!!


  2. Very good advice 🙂 But why are magazines and such full of detox diet plans at this time of year – its almost as if they want you to feel the need to “punish” yourself and feel guilty for daring to enjoy Christmas at all – I just don`t get it.
    Love your gym pictures – the top you are wearing really suits you! Glad you are feeling better now 🙂


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