Thinking about going vegan? Masterpost with vegan information!

I know that many like to do a Veganuary challenge and considering that veganism is trending and on the rise, it would be amazing to see many people try a vegan challenge for January. I talked about maybe creating a facebook support group, but i have yet to find time to actually do it…. but also unsure whether i should just make a group and everyone who wants will be accepted and then it is just to ask questions/advice when needed. Or whether i should make daily posts in the group… i am unsure, but comment below what you think!

2 of the things that have helped me the most and made going vegan something long term (apart from of course the ethical aspects and making the connection and making me not even want or consider eating non vegan) is 1) support from facebook groups, vegan community online and of course my family but also 2) knowledge and research. Reading posts about different aspects of veganism and reading posts about what is vegan and not and why. Not to mention all the e numbers and different ingredients you need to watch out for. It is a process, but you learn. I have messed up, i have bought things with beeswax and honey, i have accidentally eaten a sandwich with butter on, i have eaten a chip that wasn’t vegan… it happens, but you learn and you move on. You can’t and shouldn’t feel guilty.


Knowledge and research is so important – as well as documentaries as you make the connection and realise why you should and want to be vegan. But also when you learn about vegan nutrition it makes it easier to eat a healthier and balanced diet hopefully. And lastly, it is easier to argument for and defend your choices for being vegan when you have the facts. For example this christmas i was asked why wool isn’t vegan… and i really couldn’t answer that question apart from saying “Well you are taking something that isn’t yours. I know that sheep need to be shaved so that they don’t overheat.” So i couldn’t really answer why it is bad if it is something that needs to happen. However the more people who buy wool the more sheep are raised only for their wool and then killed off for meat when they are too old or their wool isn’t good anymore. Also that the shaving process can be done in very stressful and harsh ways where the sheep get cut and get stressed and treated badly. So even if the sheep need to be shaved it is not always done in a good way or in a way that you care for the sheep, instead it is a business. So with some research i realised why wool isn’t vegan and next time i am asked i can answer better. Just like with honey that is a normal question i get asked by non vegans and when i did research for THIS post i can now answer why honey isn’t vegan.

Image result for why vegan

So i thought i would do a few masterpost – posts coming up the next few days! One with a bunch of nutritional vegan posts which might be beneficial, and then some with different facts such as why honey isn’t vegan, what is wrong with the dairy industry and the egg industry etc So hopefully that will be beneficial and you can save those posts and look back at them when you need to check out the posts or advice! 🙂

Also if you ever have any questions i will try my best to answer 🙂 (In the upcoming days i will get around to answering all your comments ❤ )



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think creating a facebook group for veganbury is a great idea! You will find that people will automatically ask questions and these can be answered by yourself and other members of the group, I think it an excellent way of getting everyone involved!
    You can of course post advice posts and people will ask questions about these but I think you will find that other people will share their answers too. I think creating a veganbury group will encourage a lot of group member participation as someone will ask a question or ask advice over something and other members will comment/answer.
    I think its areally exciting idea and well worthwhile doing 🙂


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