Vegan nutrition – Masterpost

As mentioned in my previous post, HERE, i am doing some Masterposts which is basically a post with lots of links to other posts and pages which have alot of information which can help you in your journey to a vegan lifestyle! One of the best ways to make veganism a lifestyle change and make it sustainable is to eat healthy and balanced, to make sure you get all your nutrients and vitamins. Of course it can also be a good idea to get help from example a health coach, such as myself, or a dietician, but having some knowledge yourself and doing some research is a good start 🙂

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Vegan nutrition:

Raw food diets – what is it and is it healthy? Nutritional aspect – pros and cons

Supplements as a vegan & importance of b12

Food combining as a vegan (protein combining)

Raising children vegan & nutrition information.

Don’t feel full or satisfied on a plant based diet? – Advice

How to get the right/enough minerals and vitamins while eating plant based/vegan

Vegan staple foods to have at home

What are fats in your diet? Why do we need fat in our diet? Part 1. Nutritional advice.

Protein powder for a vegan? Yes or no?

Getting the right vitamins through a vegan diet? Vegan in recovery? Vitamin malapsorbtion? Do you need supplements as a vegan?

Antinutrients in legumes and grains

Scared of eating vegan becuse of the higher carb intake?

Nutritional yeast – what is it and why use it?

3 foods you should be eating if you are vegan

Vegan replacements Part 1

Posts about vegan sources of calcium and iron will be coming up soon i hope! 🙂 Also remember that you can check out my Page “Nutrition advice” where all the nutrition posts will be 🙂 Also you can check out my lunch/dinner recipes page and vegan recipes page for more recipes 🙂

Some other external links to vegan nutrition:

Vegan society – nutritional overview

Vegan nutrition in a nutshell

Vegan diet for beginners



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This is a really useful post – one which I think I will be using quite a lot! Thanks for detailing all this information – your masterposts are really helpfull

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im glad you liked this post!!! 💕


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