Who cooks the food when i am at home (with my family)?

Hello and good morning everyone 🙂

I got asked via DM on Instagram the previous day what it felt like to be home again (with my family who aren’t vegan) and also who does the food cooking and shopping (as i posted pictures of me cooking and shopping food!).

To start off with, my family are pescetarians meaning that they do eat dairy, eggs and fish but no meat. However they are incredibly supportive of me being vegan (it wasn’t always that way!) and for Christmas we ate mostly vegan and on the 27th which was my mothers birthday we made a 3 course vegan meal! They are also eating alot more vegan in general, and when i am at home we try to eat vegan meals together. However it doesn’t always work that way.

Example: My family ate egg noodles with shrimp wok and i made sweet potato noodles with oumph wok. So we ate together and almost the same thing but i made a vegan version!

My family isn’t one that always eats meals together, if you have been a long time follower of mine you will know that i often ate all my meals on my own and that’s just how it is in my family. Different routines and lifestyles and it works for us, but we do of course try to eat as many meals together as we can. Even more when i am home as i live in another part of Sweden and am not at home with my parents so often, so we do try to eat dinner together.

It is easier to be vegan when you are at home, have control over what food you buy, eat and what food you have at home.

When i am home at my parents they usually do the food shopping and if there is anything i want they buy it for me. However i usually just go to the store and buy the things i want and need and let them do their normal food shopping. Now however when i am at home for c.a 2 weeks i am doing my own food shopping as i find it easier that way, i have my own money and even if my parents will buy me food and don’t mind buying me food, i prefer just doing it myself. And the same goes for cooking…. i enjoy cooking so while i am at home it usually ends up being me who cooks for the whole family. 1) Because i enjoy cooking, 2) Because everyone wants to eat vegan and they find it easier if i just cook and make it all vegan and 3) because i am most often the first one to start cooking and then i just end up cooking for everyone else.

I know this may not sound normal to others where it is most often the parents who decide what to eat and cook for everone in the family, but that is not how it is in my family. Usually my sister and I just cook our own food and my parents eat their food and then when we can we eat dinner together. Of course, somedays we may all eat different lunch but sit at the same table and eat together. It works for us.

Also now that it is Christmas holiday everyone is at home which isn’t so usual.

So to answer the question shortly…. I both buy and cook my own food even when i am at home at my parents. But not everyday i.e my step dad enjoys cooking and is great at cooking so somedays he makes dinner for us all, other days i make dinner for everyone and other days we all just eat separate dinner at seperate times.

And how is it to be back home with them not eating fully vegan and there being non vegan food in the fridge and pantries? It doesn’t bother me. I don’t even see the butter or eggs or fish as food or something i want to eat. I have my options and alternatives and am happy with those. So for example if they eat battered fish i will make battered tofu!



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  1. It seems like you have a good plan worked out between you when it comes to eating/cooking with your family. It must be hard – or at least feel a little strange – if you were to go back home and have your parents take control of all the cooking when you yourself have been used to doing your own thing. It must be nice for you to able to cook vegan meals for everyone sometimes and perhaps get to make things you normally wouldn’t go to the bother of if it was just yourself.
    My partner and I always try to eat together in the evenings even if we do usually eat different meals. Like you, I just cook a variation of what he`s having and this works fine for us, although I must admit it would be nice/easier at times if we could both just have the same 🙂


  2. livenotsurvivesite says:

    I always cook for myself. The two reasons are that first I can’t eat anything that is prepared by someone else and second because I am the only vegan in my family. My whole family eats meat, dairy and eggs and my brothers say that a meal isn’t a meal when it doesn’t contain meat. Once I cooked a vegan meal for them, they looked at it and said: ,,Where is my food?” So yeah my brothers are pretty ignorant and my family is not that supportive that I am vegan. My father even said once that I can be vegan when I want to die and that being vegan doesn’t make sense and is stupid. The only one that accepts my choice is my mother, but even she thinks veganism is too extreme…


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