My goals 2018

So much talk about Veganuary and wanting to help others go vegan or make more plantbased/vegan lifestyle choices for the upcoming year. But what about my own goals…. what goals do i have for 2018.

I love goals… i love having long term and short term goals, that works for me. And i know goal setting isn’t for everyone, some people just get stressed out by goals. But also sometimes when you set goals that are too far away you can feel unmotivated or sometimes you set unrealistic goals which just make you feel bad or worthless when you don’t or can’t reach them. I have also recently heard some people voice their opinions about goal setting and that it can just add stress to your life and can be negative.

I do agree that sometimes when you set your own goals it can be too much… sometimes you may even say no to other opportunities because they aren’t in line with your actual goals. Or maybe you never rest or you end up burning out because you are so focused on reaching your goals. So it is important to find a balance and do what is best for YOU and YOUR life.

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Sooo…. do i have any goals for the upcoming year?

Yes and no.

I do have goals, but at the same time i am focused on just living life and doing my best in all areas of my life. Also full focus on school of course while trying to balance the other things in my life as well!

Some of the goals i have for next year are:

  1. Find my own apartment which i can move into when my new contract is up at the start of summer 2018. I am ready to have my own apartment and not share anymore, so hopefully i will find one i love and is within my budget!
  2. Grow my social media! Keep reaching out to more people and inspiring and motivating in whatever way i can!
  3. Hopefully more co operations with different brands and sponsorships. I know many may hate sponsored posts, but that is how bloggers and online influencers earn money. And i would never co operate with a brand i didn’t believe in or didn’t want to work with. (For example when i did the co operation with MAX hamburger restaurant. It wasn’t because i eat there very often, but because i knew i could do a vegan version of their new bread and reach out to all the vegans and maybe inspire non vegans to try that recipe! And it went very well with that co operation and the feedback i recieved!)
  4. Pass all my assignments and tests! This is always a goal of mine!
  5. Get more confident and more daring. Stop holding myself back so much in life. In many areas of my life i let my lack of confidence and low self-esteem hold me back… telling myself that i amn’t good enough and i need to stop doing that and just dare to try! I mean why hold myself back!
  6. Start my own business and start with health coaching. If i am realistic, i might not actually start this goal until 2019 and when i have gotten my bachelors. However, once i have talked to my teachers and gotten the ok that i do infact have the right qualifications to sell those services, then i do want to atleast try and see! For now i am just worried that i might not have the right qualifications until i have gotten my bachelors (even if i have passed the courses meaning i do have the qualifications for each passed course.) But i just want get the ok!
  7. I’ve been talking to my mum about maybe doing a workshop together, either in Sweden or in another country – and that would be incredibly fun! She is a yoga teacher and does ayurvedic health coaching, so we could combine our knowledge – mine with veganism, nutrition and even training and hers with yoga, ayurveda and YEARS or practise and training! Though realistically, this might not happen until 2019 or later either.
  8. Either write an ebook, book or do something creative such as that… HOWEVER that is more a long term goal and don’t think it will happen in 2018 either. But who knows….!
  9. Have fun, live life!
  10. Get back into regular running. At the moment i am just running sporadically, but it would be fun to get back into it more regularly!
  11. Get 1 or more new tattoos… start working on my half sleeve!
  12. Earn money through my social media – which goes together with sponsorships and co operations.
  13. Stay healthy and happy!
  14. I would like to travel… but not sure where. I might save the travelling for the future and just focus on school and work next year, but who knows… maybe a weekend away sometime!
  15. Get out into nature as much as possible!



These are just some goals…. which are both realistic and a little unrealistic (or so it feels!). But most of all, just be happy and live life. Spend time with friends, enjoy what i do, learn lots in school and enjoy going to school and learning. Try to cook new and different food. Inspire and motivate others and just make the best of 2018! I have no idea how my 2018 will be or what will happen – but my main goal is to live life and enjoy it. What happens, happens. And hard times and bad times will happen, but it is all about how you deal with those situation and not let it bring you down.

Do you have any goals for 2018? 🙂 Or maybe you don’t like setting goals?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. What`s a sponsored post?


    1. When you co operate with a company and either get sent products to test and then write about or get paid to post about their products. Thats how social media influencers earn money! However if its a sponsored it has to be made clear that its sponsored. And if i do sponsored posts its always my own opinion! 🙂


  2. M. says:

    This is lovely, Izzy! I am particularly excited by the idea that you and your mum might do travelling workshops together, combining skills. I think that would be brilliant. And, I should think that many people who have been reading your blogs for a long time would love to have the chance to participate in something like that. But I also think that from the sound of it you would work together really well as a team and recruit interested folk whom you don’t already know. How wonderful to have this even as a possibility to dream about! Happy 2018.


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