Day in my life – Friday

This post was meant to be published on Saturday, but never posted, so here it is today haha!

It’s been a while since i did a Day in my life! So i thought it was time for a new one, but also to see how my day is now when i am at home with my parents for new Years! Friday was the 29th, so a normal Friday! Also i have gotten back to my normal routines and habits after Christmas i.e where there was a pause from school work, the gym, blogging and normal routines. I am trying to keep to my normal habits anyway, even if they do vary as i am not in my own apartment and don’t have a bus card and not as much “freedom” as i do when i live in my university city in my shared apartment!

8.30: Wake up

8.30-9.00: Make coffee, check social media, eat breakfast.

9.00 – 9.40: Get ready for the day & prepare lunch for when i get home from the gym.

9.40 – 10-15: Talk with my parents

10.30-11.00: Walk to the gym with my sister

11.00-12.20: At the gym – Strength training

12.30-13.00: Walk home from the gym

13.00 – 13.20: Eat lunch & check social media.

13.20-15.20: Study/write my essay (and also cooking chickpeas)

15.20-16.00: Listen to a podcast, eat a snack, begin preparing the falafel mix and made hummus

16.00-16.30: Continue writing my essay

16.30-17.15: Continue listening to a podcast and resting in the sofa

17.15-18.15: Made dinner & listened to a podcast

18.15-19.00: Dinner with myfamily & clean up after wards

19.00-20.15: Blogging

20.15-21.30: Watching netflix

21.30 – 22.00: Shower, get ready for bed

22.00 – Netflix and then fell asleep.

A day of normal routines for me and not so different from when i am living on my own. I had planned to go out for a long walk with my family, but decided to stay and write on ym essay instead as i felt i just wanted to get as much done as i could. Now i have done as much as i can until i begin school again and meet my group – as i have both a group project/essay as well as an individual essay.

I do find it alot harder to rest when i am at home, mostly because i don’t have my own room where i can just go to and rest. My old room is now my sisters room, so i feel alot like a guest when i am at my parents house…. feel like i am sitting and waiting for something. So i feel like i always want to do something…. but also feels strange to not have to worry too much about school work at the moment, which once again leaves me wondering what i should do and feeling like i need to do something. But i am going to try to enjoy the days after New Years to just relax and maybe go for long walks in nature, meet friends, be with my family and just rest before it is back to school and “reality again!”



4 Comments Add yours

  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I found it rather strange too whilst staying at my mothers house – feeling as though you have to fit in with their routines rather than being able to do your own thing, more than anything. For me, it was nice to move back home afterwards and have my own space again! Its amazing how quickly you get used to being independent and how much you miss your own space once you have lived it 🙂


    1. jarunkacube says:

      I feel it exactly the same, it’s like you’ve taken these words out of my mouth.


  2. emilycossar says:

    Hey Izzy, just wondering what podcasts you listen to? 🙂 I’m always looking for new & interesting ones!


    1. I only listen to swedish podcasts so i dont know how helpful those are if you don’t understand swedish haha 😔😊


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