Falafel recipe – Vegan

One of the best and most vegan foods i can think of is falafel. Of course, not all falafels you buy or eat out are vegan, which surprises me… but usually it is the garlic sauce that restaurants and fast food places add which makes it no longer vegan.

Making falafel at home isn’t so hard or time consuming as you may think it is. Infact, as long as you have the few ingredients at home, it’s just about mixing it all into a puree, forming into a ball or patty and then baking or frying. My best suggestion is to fry the falafel. Preferably in a generous amount of oil! Baking falafel still tastes great, but not as great and often more crumbly and dry.

Falafel are usually made from uncooked chickpeas, and i have recipe for them HERE . But i prefer making mine with soaked and cooked chickpeas – also alot less bloating after the meal when the chickpeas have been cooked!!

Friday night and i decided to make dinner for the family which resulted in baked falafel, potatoes and carrots roasted in oil and salt and thyme as well as a salad, boiled brocolli and some vegan mayonnaise! A perfect, filling and delicious dinner 🙂

If you want to make the falafels at home, the recipe is below!







2 cans of chickpeas (minus the aquafaba) (ca 350-400g boiled chickpeas)

2-3 cloves garlic

1/2 onion (Can be fried in oil and salt or added to the mix raw)

c.a 3 tbs flour/cornstarch

c.a 2tbs tahini (can be omitted)

Salt, pepper, cumin (or other seasonings you want to use)

Oil for frying

& Sesame seeds to roll in

How to:

If you plan to bake your falafel then heat the oven to c.a 200 degrees celsius.

Chop the beetroots and onion into small pieces and add into a food processor along with the chickpeas and garlic. (If the food processer is small, begin with doing half first and then the second part). Mix for a few minutes until everything is mixed. Place the mix in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients – if too dry add some oil. If too wet add some more flour. However the mix will be a little wet and you don’t want to add too much flour as then it will turn out dry when you cook them.

Form into small balls and roll in the sesame seeds.

Either bake in the oven for c.a 30 minutes, or fry on medium heat in a generous amount of oil – turning every now and then so that they don’t burn.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. jarunkacube says:

    I make falafels regularly and like you, I prefer to cook my chickpeas before. I always bake them, it’s easier and faster than fry the huge amount of balls in the small pan.
    Yes, you can omit tahini, if you don’t have it on hand, but I don’t recommend it, it brings sooo much flavour and makes the falafels more moist and yummy!!


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I like the idea of the sesame seed coating – adds a different twist 🙂 copied this recipe out, going to cook it later!


    1. I hope they turn our good for you! I liked the extra touch of sesame seeds! 😊


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