Gym Etiquette for Newbies!

Continuing on from my previous post, gym anxiety advice, i thought i would share some gym etiquette for both newbies and oldies as a reminder!  There are just some things which you should keep in mind when going to the gym – just to make it a better place for everyone!

1) Put away the weights, bars and plates when you are done with them. Don’t leave them lying on the floor.

2) Wipe away your sweat after you…. and even if you haven’t sweated it can be a good idea to wipe the machine/bench after you!

3) Don’t stare at others. Of course, sometimes you look at others for inspiration and that is ok… but try not make it blatantly obvious that you are staring at them.

4) Don’t just sit on a bench or a machine for 15 minutes or hoard weights you aren’t using. This is for both guys and girls – many people take up a bench or machine and just sit there using their phone (don’t do that!). Also some people take 5-6 different sets of weights and occupy them for 30 minutes even if they just do 2 set. (And i know there is a thing called drop sets, but then maybe you can just take the weights when you need them instead of taking all the weights so no one else can use them)

5) This is mostly for guys – but don’t make too much noise. No one wants to hear you scream, grunt and huff every 2 minutes. It’s ok if you are maxing out on a few lifts, but hen you scream and grunt for the whole 60 minutes you are there then it is disturbing to others as well as can make it very uncomfortable for some people.

6) You may tune out everyone and everything when you are at the gym but it can be good to be a little aware of others around you so that you don’t end up walking or standing too close to someone else. Example if someone is doing kettle bell swings or deadlifts you don’t want to stand too close to them. Or if you see someone is doing a superset it can be a good idea to skip the machines they are using or give them some space if they need it. It is just common courtesy according to me. However it has happened far too often that people stand right infront of me when i am doing deadlifts even if there is plenty of other space for them to stand. Not to mention creepy men who stand 10 cm behind me when i am doing straight leg deadlifts, hip thrusts or deadlifts and that just makes me uncomfortable and considering i was the first one standing there it shouldn’t have to be me that moves.

7) Don’t interrupt people in the middle of their set. Maybe you want to ask how long they have left on the machine/weights, maybe you want to talk to them or maybe ask if you can use the machine inbetween their rest…. but wait until they are done with their set before talking to them. Also, don’t flirt with someone or try to hit them up… instead if you really want to flirt/talk to someone maybe catch them when they are leaving.

Also, don’t give unsolicited advice unless you are a qualified PT.

Just some tips and advice to make the gym environment for everyone! Of course there are other things such as using clean gym clothes and deodorant, not wearing too much perfume, wearing appropriate clothing, not using your phone too much etc but those don’t matter as much. But it depends on which gym you go to… i.e i don’t personally care if a girl workouts in just a sports bra or if a guy takes off his short, but if it was a 50 year old man at my gym who decided to just workout in shorts and no top i would be a little creeped out. But also sometimes people have SO MUCH perfume/spray on them that i can’t breathe and have had to move to another part of the gym/away from the person, and that isn’t really right. But these things might be obvious hopefully, haha!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    When you are totally new to the whole gym scene do you think it would be best to join some organised classes rather than try to do your own thing initially? Have/do you go to any classes or have you always planned your own exercise routines?


    1. It depends what your goal is 🙂 going to classes can help motivate you and inspire you. But with some online research or getting help from an instructor or pt it can be good to do your own workouts. But whatever works best for you! I started with gym classes and eventually began working out on my own and now its been about 5 years since i did a gym class!


  2. I can’t stress enough how important it is to not hog weights and machines! Do your three sets one at a time not all different sets with four different weights/machines, you are not the only one using the gym.


    1. So true. It is easy for some people to hog weights for 30 minutes even though they are barely using them… it is one thing if you do drop sets and do them rather quickly, but some use weights and never put them back which is extremely annoying!

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      1. Amen to that!!


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