Hermans vegetarian restaurant & Eat Sweden vego book

Hello and good afternoon everyone 🙂

I hope you have all had a great day, i sure have anyway. My day started with a typical coffee, breakfast, check social media and get some work done for the day before i headed off to the gym. At the moment i am feeling incredibly motivated and strong at the gym which is an amazing feeling – Maybe all the extra christmas and new years food as well as a change in environment! Or maybe it is just an overall motivation boost for life which i have at the moment 🙂

After my gym sessionmy mother picked me up as we were going out to eat lunch and going to use my Eat Sweden vego book which i got for my birthday. Basically it is a book that has a personalized code and there are 10 (or 11) different vegetarian or vegan restaurants which have collaborated with this book and you can eat 2 for 1 at those different restaurants. It 1) shows you all the different vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm, 2) you can try the different places and 3) is a great gift idea for yourself or someone else if you are interested in eating more vegan and getting inspired with different food dishes. There are different Eat Sweden books with different themes, but i have the vegetarian restaurant themed book!



Last time i was in Stockholm i went to Mahalo with my mother and ate lunch and this time we wanted to go to Växthuset but it was still closed so we decided to go to my favourite restaurant, Hermans. Next time we will have to try a new restaurant!

However as i love Hermans which is completely plant based and has both cold and warm dishes as well as different desserts, it is always a must to visit when i have the opportunity! It’s a good idea to go there hungry as you will want to try everything and most likely eat a little more than normal, hahah. Or that is what i do anyway!

If you are ever in Stockholm i highly recommend visiting Hermans restaurant, however a good option is to reserve a table if you are more than one person as it is almost always full there.



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think your book is a great idea – really gives you the opportunity to try different restaurants and since its 2 for 1 as well – you can`t go wrong!
    The restaurant you went to looked lovely, I am so envious you have places like this 🙂
    Good to hear the new year has started off so well for you and you are obviously enjoying your break with your family. I`m filled with energy for the new year too!


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