How to turn a bad morning into a good day – Changing mindset and my best tips

Somedays you wake up and you just feel angry, irritated or tired… or maybe even a combination of all three.  You may not feel so positive for the coming day, you would rather just skip the day and hope to wake up feeling better the following morning. We all have those days, and instead of letting a bad morning ruin your day you can change your mindset and try to think differently and make the best out of the day anyway!

My first tip is to try to destress and find your calm in the morning. It might be that you haven’t slept so well, you are worried or anxious for the upcoming day, maybe you are having a bad body image day or just feel strange and not like yourself. But the best thing is to just have some time for yourself to get ready, and just breathe. The worst thing is to stress away to work or school or be around people when you feel you are already in an irritated mood.


Second is to wear comfy clothes that you feel good in. Whenever i have bad body image days or feel in an irritated or angry mood i almost always end up struggling to find an outfit to wear. Either i don’t like how i look in an outfit or i don’t like how i feel in an outfit. It’s a good idea if you have a safe outfit which you know you feel good and comfortable in. For me it is either training clothes and a big hoodie or i dress up with a skirt, nice top and red lipstick just to try to “fake it till i make it” sort of mood for the day.

Third, good music or a podcast. On your way to work or school or if you have a free day, go out for a walk/run/to the gym and listen to some good music. It can make you feel alot better and just forget everything for a while… which leads me to my next point!


Fourth, if you can.. workout. Or do the exercise form you enjoy… Going to the gym or going out for a run or walk can make me feel and think so differently and by the time i am done i feel more like myself again. Feel happy from the endorphines and have had a chance to either 1) figure out what the problem is and how to solve it, 2) been able to not think for a while which helps me feel better, and 3) a good way to start the day and gives you more energy (hopefully!).

Fifth, do something you love and enjoy. For me, i love to bake or cook when i am feeling “not like myself”. It is a sort of therapy for me… especially when i have the house or apartment to myself. If i am at home with others and feel like i can’t have a few hours in the kitchen to myself then i might just watch a film or sit and journal in my room until i begin to feel better!

And lastly, try to change your thoughts or mindset for the day. For example, i had the intention to be very productive today and get things done but this strange, irritated and tired mood has left me feeling unmotivated and unwilling to do anything productive – and that is ok. Instead i lower my expectations for the day and do what i can. Instead i have done some baking, which is infact something productive because it is 1) delicious, 2) i can share with my family and 3) i have photos and a recipe to share on here, so it isn’t a completly unproductive day!! Not to mention that i am blogging about how to change a bad morning into a better day – so using my experience/thoughts to create a post. So not a day wasted!

But somedays you just need to lie in bed and watch movies and that is ok as well, you don’t always have to be productive and get things done. Even if i had decided to just watch netflix all day it would have been ok as well.

Sometimes you don’t know why you waking up feeling angry/irritated/tired/unlike yourself and that is ok as well. Most often it does have a reason such as stress, lack of sleep, hormones, anxiety, so it can be good to figure out why. But sometimes all you can do is think, “ok, i woke up feeling this way but i am not going to let it ruin my day” and try to think about what you can do to make yourself better or what you can do to change your mindset.

Also lastly, for me personally when i have bad mornings which last a little longer than necessary then being alone is usually what helps me best. When i am in an irritated mood for no reason then i like to just be alone, but sometimes the best thing is to be with friends or family who make you forget what is going on in your head or how you are feeling. Sometimes the best thing to do on these types of days is to spend it with people who make you laugh and feel good and then you end the day feeling better than when it started!!!

Do you have any tips on how to change a bad morning into a better day? 🙂


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  1. Lily says:

    Definately fake it till you make it. When I wake up very moody I like to do my make up perfectly, walk more straight, listen to music and maybe even imagine that it’s my background music!But when I’m just simply tired the best thing for me is to talk to others cheerfully to forget all the stressfull things going on for just a few minutes.
    Btw, nice post, and a very honest one. I just had to read it today, after 2 weeks of mornings like this. Thank you:)


    1. I am the same on the days i feel sort of “Blahhh” or not like myself, then making myself feel and look extra good can be a huge booster and just faking it! but also trying to keep my mood and energy up and still be kind to others even if i feel a little extra irritated.
      I really hope your days start geting better and you feel more like yourself, less tired/irritated/angry. It’s not fun to wake up feeling low/angry but hopefully you can manage to turn the day around anyway. Maybe figuring out what is causing the low mood can help.


  2. mapsandsneakers says:

    Well, yes! For example, today I felt like not goin gto the office. I took a day off and went to the gym and cooked 😀 It was a good morning! 🙂


    1. That sounds great. We all have days where we just need a day to ourselves and not do any work or go to school – as long as it is ok anyway, haha!


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I make a serious effort to do the opposite of what I feel like doing as I know that although it requires supreme effort, it will make me feel better in the long run. So I make myself go out for a walk and refuse to “hibernate” indoors! Just being out walking makes me feel a whole lot better – I get to thinking about things and can get my thoughts straight in my head. By the time I reach home again I am 99% in a better mood. I also find tidying the house or having a good clear out of stuff in a cupboard or somewhere very therepeautic, getting rid of stuff I know I don`t need. When I`m having a bad morning I can`t relax, I need to do something “physical” but I find once I have done so I am a lot calmer, happier and able to relax.
    Reading your post was great – it was so honest and reassures me that we all get bad days (for whatever reason) now and then. Like you say, the important thing is how we deal with them 🙂


    1. I find that going for a walk and being in nature helps me so much!! Just getting out of the house is usually the best as well, otherwise it is easy that the tiredness and irritation or anger just builds up. So instead distracting yourself, getting some fresh air and trying to do SOMETHING can help.
      And like you wrote, we all have bad days and sometimes we can’t explain them, but then you just need to make the best of the day anyway!


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