Do i wish i had gone vegan earlier?

A question i got weeks ago and have meant to answer – not sure if i already have? Is if i wish i had gone vegan earlier.

My answer to this is both yes and no. Yes, for the sake of the animals i wish i had gone vegan earlier. All of the animal products and animal deaths i have caused because i ate meat. However, i don’t give myself guilt for that either. I didn’t know better and i wasn’t in the right state of mind or right time in my life to go vegan.

From the age of 11-16 i struggled with an eating disorder where i both restricted and purged as well as went through a phase of binge eating. During those years i was not in the state of mind or life where i could go vegan, it would have been something i did to restrict and not for ethical or right reasons.

From the age of 16-20 i was just trying to find balance with my eating and going vegan could still have been something restrictive for me. But also i went through a phase of being very protein obsessed… of course i loved chicken, eggs, quark, protein powder, protein bars… that was why i ate them, and well all the protein wasn’t something bad. However i can now look back on that period of my life and realise that all that protein wasn’t necessary. I think i had to go through that stage of my life to get to where i am now.


I know many vegans say that everyone can go vegan, and i believe that MANY can, but not everyone. Also i don’t believe that you can force someone into veganism, instead it is something the person has to want to do for themselves/for the animals and because they believe it is right. Sometimes a person needs encouragement and to get support but i don’t think you can just force someone to go vegan – especially not if they aren’t in the right stage of life or mindset.

I began thinking about veganism around the age of 19 however it wasn’t until i was 20 that i actually went vegan. I had moved away from home and wasn’t doing so well mentally or physically, both depressed and had alot of stomach issues. Was constantly bloated, tired and had stomach cramps. I wanted change in my life, i was unhappy and wanted to make a change. I had thought about veganism for a while and had begun doing research and i thought it was time to atleast try it. Overnight i went vegan, or atleast plant based… overtime i began focusing more on what products i used and only buying vegan and cruelty free products, but at first it was just swapping the obvioulsy non vegan food to vegan options and then over time making sure everything i ate was vegan.

I believe it is alot easier to go vegan when you are in charge of your food yourself. When you can plan what you eat and what you buy it is easier to make it all vegan… i.e if you don’t have non vegan food at home you won’t eat it while at home.

Maybe you want to start off only eating plant based at home and maybe eating lacto-ovo-vegetarian when away and then overtime also eating vegan when out…. or maybe going fully vegan over night – whatever suits you best!

^^My instagram feed before going vegan

At times i wish i had grown up eating fully vegetarian/vegan, but at the same time i believe that everything i have eaten and grown up eating has also helped and shaped me. I know what red meat tastes like, i know what chicken tastes like, i know what Marabou and Cadburys chocolate tastes like and i know i don’t want it. Some would say it is harder to be vegan when you have already tried all those foods and you are “missing out” because well, you know what certain foods taste like and vegan food won’t taste the same. But for me i think, i have tried that food and i know what it tastes like and i don’t want it. I think i would be more likely to want to the food if i had never tasted it and felt like i was missing out.

Sure, going vegan earlier would have saved so many animals lives. But i prefer to think about all the lives i am saving from the time i went vegan and until i die and that is FAR more lives compared to the few years i did eat meat, dairy and eggs.

I went vegan in the right stage of my life and it wasn’t something i did to lose weight, restrict or because i was forced to. But because i had done research and realised it was the right choice for me!

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  1. Conni says:

    Great post & interesting thoughts on the subject. 🙂 Personally, my answer to this question is ‘yes’, because I feel so much guilt for not having done anything sooner (even though I wasn’t aware then!). But everything happens when it is meant to happen! x


    1. I agree, at times i do feel bad that for 20 years of my life i ate animal products, but i prefer to focus on the 60 years or more that i will be vegan and how many animal lives i will save in those 60+ years 🙂


      1. Conni says:

        Yes, that’s definitely a brilliant thing to think about, isn’t it! 🙂 x


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think it can be more meaningful if you make that decision to become vegan yourself rather than having had your parents bring you up that way – because then, like dairy/meat eaters, you wouldn’t know any different. I am also a great believer in theres a time and a place for everything, and sometimes you just aren’t in the “right place” for certain things to happen – the main thing is that you have now reached that place, made your decision and its all worked out for you. To me, this is nothing but positive!


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