Day in my life & life update

Another Saturday has passed by and thought i would do another “Day in my life”. One of the days where i have been very productive but really haven’t done so much as other times i have made this type of post! 🙂

Infact this Saturday has passed by extremely quickly – i don’t know where the hours have gone, but i guess when you are doing something fun time goes quickly. However today, Sunday it will be a day free from work as i am going to eat lunch with my sister and then meet friends which i am looking forward to!

Then on Monday it is back to my university city and a day full of studies and work before it is back to school on Tuesday!

The christmas break has come to it’s end and i am both looking forward to getting back to my own apartment again as well as school routines, but i also love having my days free so i can decide when i wake up, when i workout as well as having the day to work on projects and other stuff.

Which brings me to… i am currently working on a vegan nutrition ebook including recipes. So now i have done all the writing and all that is left is to test the recipes a few times, photograph them and then design the whole ebook (and of course figure out which site to sell it.) I can say i am SO excited, even if nobody buys the ebook i am still proud of myself for working so hard on it and FINALLY just doing it. I don’t know how long i have considered writing an ebook but never gotten around to it and just seen more and more people release their ebook and i’ve thought, “why can they do it and not me.” But 2018 is the year of believing in myself and holding myself back!! This is just the start of putting my dreams into actions and who knows what projects i will have started and the things i will have succedded by the time 2018 is over.

Of course, as school is starting again on Tuesday i won’t have as much time to work on the ebook or other projects which is a little stressful and my weekends will go to photograping and cooking the recipes as well as designing, so no idea when it will all be completeted, but keep your eyes out for when it is released!


9am-9.45: Wake up, drink coffee, eat food, get ready

9.45-10.00: Lay in bed cuddling and taking photos of my dog

10.00-11.00: Out for a walk with my dog

11.00-11.20: Showered

11.20-12.00: Showed my mum different exercises she can do at home with kettlebells and resistance bands

12.00-13.30: Eat lunch, write blog posts


5 minutes inbetween beginning to work and waiting for your food to heat

13.30 – 17.00: Move to living room and work on my ebook. At some point i made coffee and made a snack – no idea what time though.

17.00-18.00: Move to the kitchen and keep working on the ebook. Ate a tub of hummus.

18.00-18.15: Catch up with my mum who had been gone for the day.

18.15-19.00: Snack again and did some blogging.


19.00-19.30: Scroll through social media (I am trying to alot time to my social media use so that i don’t scroll through all day. And days like today i rarely check social media until the evening.)

19.30-20.30: Watch some youtube Went to the store to buy some ingredients and candy

21.00-22.00: Recipe test/make dinner, eat candy

22.00-23.00: Eat dinner, watch youtube


Note, i would not recommend eating candy or dinner so late 😦 Today was just one strange, long work day where i basically snacked all throughout the day and was so caught up in work and had alot of energy.



Also, i’ll begin trying to do a “what i eat in a day” on a weekly basis as it has been requested so often, but also might give inspiration for a vegan diet. And by now i am sure you all know food and intake is individual and you can’t/shouldn’t compare your diet but maybe you can take inspiration of different meals!! 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Conni says:

    Good luck with your e-book! 🌱


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think its really great that you are writing an e-book! With your flair for creating recipes and writing I should imagine it will go down really well – I always knew you had it in you! Good luck with this, and make sure you post when it is finished and about to be released and from where 🙂


  3. Melissa says:

    I love your pup!!!


  4. caroljoanne1969 says:

    How are you getting on with your recipe testing? I think what you are doing is really exciting – good luck 🙂


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