Vegan cinnamon buns

Friday afternoon and i had the house to myself and needed to do some therapeutic baking.

Times like Friday when i want to bake and don’t feel like going to the store to buy ingredients i decided to use what i had at home and create something with those ingredients. I noticed that i had all the ingredients to make cinnamon buns and wanted to make a “quick version” also i only had dry yeast  to use, so found a recipe with the ingredients i had.  THIS was the recipe i found and used, however mine definitely didn’t look as good as Dana’s (Minimalist baker!). And i noticed afterwards that i had accidently used all the butter in the beginning instead of only using 3tbs, but also it didn’t rise as much as i thought it would…. and then the whole process of rolling out the cinnamon buns didn’t go as i had planned. Usually when i make cinnamon buns i take small pieces of dough and roll into small “swirls”/the shape of a typical cinnamon bun and then add the filling. But this time i just rolled out all the dough, add the sugar/butter/cinnamon filling on top and tried to roll the whole dough at once, which i then cut into pieces…. and it didn’t turn out so well.

So even if the cinnamon buns didn’t look as good i had hoped, i.e i wanted them to look like this:

But they still ended up tasting amazing and that is what counts…. even if i wouldn’t serve them to friends or people outside of my close family, hahaha.

Also the recipe wasn’t “quick” it was still a whole bunch of yeasting and cooking time…. i guess you just can’t make proper cinnamon buns quickly!!!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Oh the amount of times I`ve made a recipe and the finished product is definitely not as it looked in the pictures! But as long as it tastes good, who cares??? Many a cake I`ve made has been “rescued” by adding custard or icecream on top 🙂
    The main thing is that you (hopefully) enjoyed making them and they tasted good (and they look fine to me!)


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