Does your life only revolve around food? Too much focus on food

Does your whole life revolve around food?

Social media around food –  taking pictures of food, posting pictures of food, following other food acounts on social media, writing posts around food, studying nutrition, giving advice about nutrition/food, watch some youtube recipe videos, listen to podcasts that sometimes are about nutrition, read articles about the latest research within nutrition, going to work with health coaching and nutrition advice……

(And then of course the basics such as actually having to buy my own food, cooking my own food and at times finding recipes for new food i want to try)

I had a conversation with my step dad when i was at home during Christmas and he mentioned how much food focus was in my life, compared to other anyway. This i am already aware of, most normal people don’t photograph their food…. not unlesss it is something extraordinary or fancy, not their everyday lunch! Most people get their nutrition advice from TV programs or from health magazines – they don’t read the latest articles within nutrition or study it at university. Most non-foodie people don’t have social media that is about food and nutrition (and veganism!).

Alot of my life does revolve around food… or, how it looks from online anyway. That is because food is the niche and theme i have choosen in my social media… example, if i had choosen more of a workout/exercise niche or a lifestyle niche it would be less food focus.

My life doesn’t only revolve around food, infact… i try to focus very little on food (as much as is possible, regarding i both study and sort of work with it.) I watch series and youtube that isn’t about food, on occasion i might watch some random food challenges or what i eat in a day – i do however follow some vegan recipe youtubers for inspiration. I do try to take pauses from food focus because i know it can become an unhealthy obsession.


Personally, i feel very balanced in my life and with the different areas in my life. Example, i know the nutrition advice and guidelines but i dont follow them strictly… infact i just eat intuitively and that works well. I don’t count how many fruits i have a day, or lack there of somedays! I don’t count calories or nutrients, i just eat. Many get become negatively affected when they begin to learn more about nutrition, but i personally haven’t been negatively affected, i still eat saturated fat and sugar even if the recommendation is to keep the intake low/minimal.

And with social media around food…. On my blog, i.e here, i do try to balance the nutrition posts with vegan posts and lifestyle posts to show that i do more and have other things in my life than food. On my instagram i try to show stories which aren’t just revolved around food as the theme i have choosen on my page is just food and i plan to stick to that theme until i get tired of it or want to expand, and have no plans on starting a second lifestyle or other themed account….. not now anyway.

I think it can be important to take a look at how much focus you are putting on food everyday. Especially if you have had an eating disorder in the past life myself. In the past i was obsessed with food, all my thoughts were on food but then it was in a destructive way such as how to avoid eating, how to make it looked like i had eaten when i hadn’t, how to hide food, which food was the lowest in calorie, what should i eat when i finally allow myself to eat, what food i really wanted but would never allow myself to eat…. not to mention that i was always watching dieting shows, counting calories, counting calories of what other people ate, looking at the nutritional information of different products in stores and worrying about how to compensate if i was forced to eat…. it was obsessive and destructive, it wasn’t something fun and i could never turn off those thoughts or food obsessed thoughts.

If you find yourself having obsessive thoughts about food i will link some posts about food obsession/spending your day waiting until your next meal etc from my old blog .

It is important to find balance and for now, i feel balanced in my life. There is a large focus on food i do admit that and from the outside it can look like too much .But i have so many other thoughts in my mind that food really doesn’t take up much time or thought as you would think!!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    From my point of view, looking in – I wouldn’t say you have too much of a focus on food, you seem to have got your online things pretty balanced!
    Of course you are going to show an interest in food if you are studying nutrition and it goes without saying you are going to read articles/watch programmes that other people may not.
    For me, I have an interest in Sociology and I often read text books, research further information outside my course and tend to watch a lot of related documentaries. I watch more sociology related programmes than I do main stream tv! But that is because I like it and I am more interested in that sort of thing. It is an interest but I wouldn’t say it takes over my life and I think the same can be said for you. This blog is so varied with the different posts you write and you have made no secret that there are other things going on in your life – so I wouldn’t worry 🙂


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