First time trying plantain

For a while now i have seen many people online eating a plantain, which looks like a banana but infact isnt…. well, its a part of the banana family anyway.


What is the difference between a banana and a plantain? Well banana is sweeter, has more fructose and is also softer. While a plantain is more green in colour, less fructose and more starchy…. tastes a bit like a mix between a potato and a turnip according to me.  Also plantains need to be cooked before being eaten because of the high starch intake.

Plantains are usually a part of Latin, Caribbean and south African cuisine and usually part of a meal such as cooked in soups and stews or on the side with dips. It is a bit like eating potatoes in Western countries. I.e it isn’t sweet, it is a starch like root fruits. It is considered more of a vegetable than a fruit!

Yesterday i finally found a plantain in my local shop and decided to buy it and try it. I hadn’t done much research into how to cook it so i decided to just chop it up and fry it, however i chopped the pieces a little too thick and half way through frying i had to slice the pieces a little thinner.

What did i think of the taste and texture? It was ok… like i wrote above, a mixture between potato and some other root fruit. Not really sweet and had a very starchy taste and texture… almost like cardboard… infact there was very little taste to the plantain. So i think i should have seasoned it more. Also i ate mine the next day which might have been one of the reasons it tasted a little extra dry.

I definitely plan on buying more plantains and experimenting, i blame the taste and texture on not cooking or seasoning it so well, but also maybe the banana was too ripe…. i don’t really know. Next time i might add it as a part of a soup or try baking it instead of frying it, or maybe slicing very thinly and making chips out of it…. Who knows!

Have you tried plantain before? How did you cook it and did you like it?

I also got some great tips and advice from some followers on IG, so i am going to follow their advice next time and see if i can make a delicious dish using the plantains 🙂

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  1. adkinsdomain says:

    I just tried my first plantains! My brother-in-law cooked them for me, and he knew what he was doing so they were delisous.​ I have not tried to recreate them myself though.


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I have seen them sometimes in the shop but never knew what/how to prepare them – something I would like to try though. I know you can make curry with them. The idea of exotic fruits/veg appeals to me and I would certainly love to try some, the shops should sell them with instructions how to use 🙂


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