Accidently buying a non vegan product

Today was the day it happened….. the day i accidentally bought a non vegan product.

I hate writing it, but it is also important to write about i think because well… it happens. Sometimes you accidentally eat a non vegan product and well, it doesn’t make you less of a vegan or a bad person… that’s just how it is to be human in todays society. Animal products are in foods you wouldn’t even think. Just reminds me that i should read the ingredients when i buy new foods and not just presume they are vegan.

I usually just buy the same foods over and over when it comes to packaged foods, or i buy foods that have a clear vegan label on them – and then there is the typical fresh produce which of course is vegan!

Last week i made an order at the store MatSmart and bought a few ingredients i needed for some recipes i am making/testing and decided to buy some extra snacks. When i was adding items to my cart i saw they had Proper Corn and i added the sweet and salty flavour to the cart and then the coconut and vanilla flavour. However just before purchasing i thought, maybe i should check the ingredients… who knows. I have seen other vegans write about Proper corn and how good it was, so i just thought all the flavours were vegan… but turns out they aren’t. The coconut and vanilla flavour contains milk powder, so i deleted those from my cart and clicked “purchase” on my order.

My package arrived today – which i will show you tomorrow, or in the week – and i was so excited for everything! And of course what do i do, i open one of the packages of dried fruit and nuts and begin to snack. But then i began to think, wow… there is a sweetness in here and i don’t know what it is…. turns out some of the nuts have honey on them. If i had looked a little closer on the package i would have noticed it. But i just presumed it was dried fruit and nuts with some salt and oil…. but i should have read the ingredients. It sounds silly, but honey isn’t vegan and well by eating or using products that contain honey you are also consuming something that isn’t “Yours”… it is the bees energy and nutrients. Read more HERE why honey isn’t vegan.

Mostly i feel silly…. this is the first time in a while i am aware of that i bought/consumed something that wasn’t vegan (of course it has happened in the past by mistake). And i know it will happen again in the future, but i just feel like i could have prevented this if i had read the ingredients. I am not going to feel guilty… it would have been worse if i had eaten meat or dairy, but still… it could have been prevented. (And yes, i know… if i hadn’t bought the package someone else would have etc etc). Not so sure what to do now, not sure if i can continue eating the nuts with good conscience…. i’ll see what i do.

I felt i needed to share this to other vegans out there, because it happens…. and well it sucks, but you learn. Be a little more skeptical and unless it is a whole food then just check the ingredients in case!

Also, i had posted a picture of everything on my IG story, and luckily no one pointed out that the bag of nuts and fruits contained honey, but i feel like i just want to avoid that… it was a mistake and i’d rather not have XX people point it out to me. But also, i don’t to have that picture posted and then newbie vegans think that if i have posted it, it must be vegan.

So this is a reminder to all of you to always check the ingredients, even if you see other vegans post about something – just double check incase!!

When i see the bag now it clearly states “honey roasted nuts” which i seem to have missed when i bought the bag.

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  1. Conni says:

    I’ve done this by accident, too. It reminds you to be more careful, doesn’t it? x


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Its an easy mistake to make, I am learning that animal products often turn up in the most unlikeliest of places and are an addition you never would have thought of. I drink herbal fruit tea a lot and I have learnt that some flavours/brands contain honey or bee pollen that isn’t obvious until you read the ingrediants. Trouble is the full range of ingredients are printed on the inside wrapper, not on the box so you don`t know until you`ve brought and opened them.


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    If a product, say face cream says “cruelty free” on the packaging, what does this actually mean? Is it vegan?


    1. Cruelty free just means that they don’t test on animals, however the product may still contain animal products such as beeswax or honey. So cruelty free doesnt automatically mean vegan… however vegan should also mean cruelty free… i.e doesnt make sense to call something vegan if they also test on animals. So best to check the ingredients even if it says cruelty free 🙂

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  4. M says:

    The tomatoes reminded me of your past blog when you would say you felt ill after eating them, but you enjoyed them so much you had done it anyway – and that occured several times, haha . Tomatoes – now we meet again. I’m just joking. Hope you are having a great day despite your microscopic little “slip” here 😉 It’s the things we do over time that matters 🙂


    1. I do still get stomach ache from sundried tomatoes 😦 However its worse when its the sundried tomatoes in oil, the ones that are just air dried arent as bad… and i needed them for a recipe i am making/made. I am eating them in small amounts, and just dealing with the stomach pain because i love them, hahah. And thank you. It was a silly mistake but atleast i have now been reminded to double check products just in case! 🙂


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