Cooking with aquafaba

Aquafaba – the brine that chickpeas are in! (You can even make your own/use the water that the chickpeas have been boiled in if you boil them yourselves. However then it is a whole process of cooling and warming i think and i have never done it myself, i just pour away the water after i have boiled the chickpeas.)

It is crazy how i had never heard of aquafaba until i had been vegan for about 6-12 months. Never even thought that you could use that liquid for something…. all the “waste” over the years.

Aquafaba is such an amazing ingredient according to me. Nutritionally it doesn’t really add anything, maybe just some salt as persavatives for the chickpeas, but otherwise it is not really a source of nutrition. However it can be used to make so many different foods such as mayonnaise, meringues, pancakes, brownies, bread, scones, macarons etc You can even use it to make mousse, ice cream, butter cream and the list goes on.

I even use aquafaba when making bean burgers and hummus, , instead of using water i use the aquafaba. It doesn’t add so much taste but it can bind together different ingredients and also has the ability to bind air to become fluffy and like meringue but also works well to make your own mayonnaise, aioli and other sauces.

This post is just a way of reminding you to not throw away the aquafaba if you buy beans in cans or tetra packs! Save it (can last 3-5 days in the fridge) and substitute water with aquafaba in certain recipes 🙂


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This is amazing – never would have thought the water from canned beans could be used for anything! I`m thinking that maybe it would do a better job of binding ingredients in cakes than the xantham gum I currently use, will certainly give it a go next time I bake 🙂


    1. I am glad you like the tips/advice 🙂 You would never think to use aquafaba if you hadn’t read about it… it sure took me a long time to realise i could use it to bake and cook with! It does work as a binding agent, but i think in some dishes xanthum gum might work better, but try and see what works best in different dishes!

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