Being a social media influencer

Recently i began thinking about what it means to be a social media influencer. I have never really thought of myself as one, and still don’t…. but in someways i guess i do have somesort of “presence” online and with that comes both responsibility and power. May sound strange and like i think too much of myself, i mean… it’s not like everyone would go rob a bank if i said they should or that everyone would do what i do. People have their own choices and their own minds to think.

Many people want alot of followers online – i get that. It seems like the  new carrier is online and so many young people want to get into social media and make a living online (which is what i want to do as well! Though not just through social media… social media is just a way to help me build the base of my own business and more  of a hobby, not the actualy place i want to earn my living.)




But what happens when you get more people following you?

Well 1) You need to be alot more aware of what you write and even how you write it. It is so easy to end up offending someone, and sometimes that happens…. it’s not always possible to avoid. I am very sarcastic which i don’t think many who follow me know, but it is also very hard to be sarcastic or joke when you are writing online as some people take every word as the truth or reality and don’t know when it is a joke or sarcastic. So that is something i need to be aware of when i write – if i were to do video it might be easier because then you would see the context and how i say different things.

But also you need to be alot more selective over what you choose to share. When you have a smaller following it is easier to share more about yourself, your life, how you feel but the more people who follow you the harder it is…. i.e not so good to share where you live, where you are etc Of course this just depends on what type of theme you have or who your followers are….. i mean if you have based your social media on mental health then it is easier to write about your bad days beause people know you do that. Also it depends on what platform you use…. i mean if you are a youtuber then you will share alot more about your days, how you feel, what you are doing compared to just through blogposts or instagram. It i a fine line of how much to share because 1) sharing personal things and showing you are human is a way for others to connect to you so that you are more than just an image or an online presence, but an actual human being. But 2) you don’t want to overshare so that strange people end up knowing different facts about you that maybe you don’t want or you end up oversharing things that happened or a situation and you end up in trouble because of it.

2) When you are a social media influencer you can get the strangest mails and messages. People writing the craziest and weirdest things and sometimes you get some crazy people try to contact you in extreme ways. Sometimes you get hate for no reason and somtimes people get angry at you for not replying to their messages. It is hard to please everyone. But if you were to answer every message and email you got you would never leave your computer, so even if you want to answer all the messages it is not always possible. Also, there will be people who try to scam you. Companies and businesses who might try to do business but never actually pay you.

3) There will be people who still your images or as mentioned above, hate you for no reason and send hate every now and then for some unknown reason. The best is to try to block the people who send hate, from my experience the best thing is to block them the first time they leave a rude comment or message and not just think “oh, maybe they’re having a bad day or they don’t mean it.” The only way to teach people that hate messages or rude comments isn’t ok is to block them at once!

4)  As mentioned earlier, what you write or say can have impact. People are smart and can make their own choices, but it is very important to think twice before writing or saying somethings online. It is not always easy – i don’t always think twice before i write something and press publish. But i think that if you can atleast stand for what you write/say then it is not as huge a deal if it does turn into controversy or you get people voicing opposite opoinons or thoughts. (Example, i have had times i have written that low carb/keto isn’t good and that has lead to alot of negative messages and comments, but i can atleast stand for that statement and it is something i believe in, and can argue with different sources. If i had nothing to back up my claims then it is harder to argue/debate with people.)

5)A negative if you spend alot of time online and your different channels is that you begin spending too much time on the online world and not enough time in real life. Maybe you isolate yourself or you don’t have time to be around friends and family. Not to mention i don’t know how good it is for your eyes or back/neck if you spend alot of time staring at a screen in the same position. And then there is also the negative that if you share alot online and people you know follow you then they may stop asking you about your day/how you feel etc because you have already shared it online. And like mentioned earlier, if you overshare a situation or conversation or something that happened in your real life it may lead to consequences if people you know…. or people you didn’t think followed you, but they do, see that content shared….

6) The positive about being a social media influencer is that you can use the influence you have in positive ways. You can help others, help spread a message or belief you have. Of course, this can be both negative and positive, but if you use your influence wisely you can have a huge impact!

7) You also get to know alot of people you wouldn’t “know” otherwise, and that is amazing. You can make contacts and connections with so many different people which is one of the things i love most about social media. Even if it may just be online, you can still communicate and get to know people you might not have done otherwise!


Being online and using social media can be a wonderful thing if you do it right, but there are also negative aspects like some of the things i mentioned above. I guess you have to take the positives with the negatives!!

But for those of you who want lots of followers just to get free stuff or have some sort of presence online i would say, that is not the right reason to want to have followers. Iinstead, if you have a message to spread, if you enjoy what you do is the most important and if you want to make a difference in someway….. even if that just means making people laugh through comedy and funny pictures or videos, or if you want to share make up tips or baking tips or fashion advice. Enjoy what you do, it will also mean that you keep doing it because you enjoy it.


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  1. Melissa says:

    These are some really good pointers. Especially about being careful what you say and blocking haters right away. I have a hard time being careful what I say. Its ok for me because my online presence is very small, but it might be a good for me to start practicing limiting myself a little now in case one day I do end up being a little ‘bigger’ in the online world.

    I love to help people too! Your blog is great. 🙂 The pictures of you taking pictures and all the different angles you have to take it from really cracks me up.


    1. I am glad you like the advice 🙂 Even if you have a small follower amount it can be good to be wary about what and how much you share, you never know how that information will be used or who will read it in the future. I also think that once it is out on the internet you have no control over it anymore – just like with pictures. Of course, sometimes you write and share things without thinking – everyone does it. But sometimes giving your pictures or texts a little extra thought before publishing can be a good idea 🙂
      And thank you! I found myself laughing over that collage as well, i have quite a few of those photos when my mum or sister pictures me while i take pictures of the food… life of a food blogger i guess!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think you have a very positive influence through your work in social media – and it must be amazing learning that you have followers from all walks of life and parts of the world! Reading your blog or looking at your ig always cheers me up and I have learnt loads through what you do 🙂


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