Going out to eat as a vegan – no vegan options?

Whenever i go out to eat i usually write how easy it is to eat out as a vegan and how many options and alternatives there are, But that isn’t always the case.

Despite sweden being a rather forward and vegan friendly country especially the cities Stockholm and Gothenburg, not all places are so vegan friendly. Whenever i go out to eat i go places which i know are vegan/vegetarian and make good food. And because i have my favourite places to eat, thats usually where i go when i do decide to eat out.

However yesterday was a day where i realised how many places don’t serve vegan food. I am sure i could have gotten a salad and fries if i had asked but there was nothing vegan on the menu anyway.

So yesterday i met up with my aunt and her partner who was in the city for the weekend and we decided to go for lunch. I hadn’t looked up where to go as it was rather spontaneous and i thought, we could just go anywhere….. that wasnt the case. We went from restaurant to restaurant and looked at their menu and couldn’t find anything vegan…. Of course i just said we should grab a place and i’ll order whatever i can – i hate being difficult or being the reason we can’t eat somewhere. So i said we should just go somewhere they wanted to eat and i would make the best out of the situation. However they wanted to go somewhere where i could eat a decent meal as well and not just end up with some salad leaves or at best, some fries.

I knew a few places they had vegan options but they were either not the type of place they wanted to eat at or not in the right location. We finally ended up at a close semi fast food place which i knew had both vegan and meat options and i think we were all satisfied! I ordered an oumph burger and sweet potato fries!

20180120_124242.jpgI used to like that restaurant, however since the last time i was there it has very much declined…. you couldn’t get a vegan salad as it had feta cheese and i was told to just pick out the cheese if i wanted it vegan. The only vegan burger was a bean and lentil burger which i didn’t really fancy (i mean i can make that myself at home) so instead i asked for an oumph burger without feta cheese.

I am glad i could eat something, but i do have to say… i got a little irritated/flustered when so many places didn’t have vegan options. Made me realise that it isn’t always easy to eat out as a vegan, and of course i know in other countries it must be alot harder. Sucks that it is this way…  i mean if Mcdonalds can make a vegan burger then i think other restaurants should step up their game and atleast have 1 vegan option in all places, but hopefully more!!

I am just hoping in the future there will be tasty and filling vegan options in all restaurants no matter where you live!!!


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  1. Such a good post! My nearest town doesn’t have a lot of vegan places to eat, so I tend to travel farther! Hopefully this will change! I have a blog which reviews beauty products, including vegan and cruelty free products! I would live for you to check it out!


    1. I hope that will change in the future, and that all places – big or small – will have vegan places or vegan food to eat when going out to eat!

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  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think they should too – I mean it can`t be that difficult for restaurants to have at least one decent vegan option on their menu! I heard somewhere that Pizza Hut now have a vegan pizza option.
    Hope you had a nice day out though – at least the fries looked crispy 🙂


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