Minimizing plastic use – reusable bags for fruit and vegetables

Finally i got around to buying something which i think is incredibly important and that is reusable bags for fruit and vegetables. I saw these bags before i travelled home for Christmas and planned to buy them once i got home to my own apartment, but have forgotten each time i have gone shopping – but today i finally remembered!

It is such a simple thing to do and only kost 60kr/€6 which really isn’t so much if you consider that it will save you thousands of plastic bags!


So a tips if you want to minimize plastic is to either use reusable bags or even paper bags (however that still leads to waste!). Also in the future i hope that there will be alot more loose fruits, veggies, nuts, muesli etc so that there isn’t so much prepackaged stuff as that is just unnecessary plastic and packaging. But for now, small things like this can still make a difference… now let’s just hope i remember them each time i go shopping 🙂

Do you have any other tips on how to minimize plastic use, or any other smart shopping tips to minimize waste or plastic? 🙂


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Those veggie bags look like such a good idea – I don`t think they have anything like that here though but I`ll keep a look out.
    My biggest tip for avoiding plastic is to not shop for your fruit and veggies in the supermarket – go to a greengrocer instead as all the produce is loose and not pre packaged. Then you just take what you need and place in paper bags rather than plastic and use your own shopping bag rather than a plastic carrier. And the fruit and veg at a greengrocer is often better quality than the supermarket so this is an added bonus, not to mention its generally cheaper too! And don`t forget markets and farmers markets – most towns have these once a week so its worth finding out about when they`re on.
    Another (small) thing I`ve started doing is refilling my spray oil bottle rather than throwing it away when empty. And I`ve stopped buying liquid soap as the dispenser/plunger part is not recyclable so now use tablet soap instead. Just little things but over a period of time add up !


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    On the news this morning they announced they were going to introduce “water filling stations” in many shops and high streets across Britain – the idea being that people can re fill their water bottles for free and hence save buying drinks in plastic bottles and then just throwing them away. I think this is an excellent idea and I hope it catches on. Of course people will have to remember to carry a water bottle with them which at first may seem a little strange to them but in time it will become habit – just like it was when the shops first stopped providing free carrier bags. It was strange having to bring your own bags at first but people soon got used to it and now do it without a second thought. The water idea reminds me of the time they used to have drinking fountains in the parks and schools – so maybe they`ll bring those back too!
    Another idea for avoiding waste is to re use the plastic tubs chocolates/sweets come in at Christmas – they make ideal containers for cakes or biscuits! And the containers powdered milk comes in can be used as storage containers for dry foods such as rice or beans.
    I believe if we all think seriously about our usage of plastic we can think of ways of cutting down. If enough people make changes then those little steps add up to a huge change!


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Another thing you could do – that saves money as well as waste plastic – is try to buy ketchup in glass bottles rather than the squeezy plastic ones. If you prefer to use squeezy bottles rather than glass (they are easier) just refill your squeezy bottle each time! Ketchup in a glass bottle is usually cheaper than the plastic bottles and they are more widely recyclable too !


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