Full day of eating – Monday

Yesterday was a day that i pictured (almost!) everything i ate, so i thought… why not share it on here!

It was a school day (5 hours of own work/study), went to the gym in the morning, went food shopping in the evening! So a pretty standard day for me! And this is what i ate….

I didn’t picture everything – also my lunch was eaten from a lunch box in school … but i can begin taking pictures of how it looks all mixed up in my lunch box when i remember/eating alone hahaha. When i am eating with friends i obviously won’t!!

Also do you want me to do food diaries on a weekly basis even if i won’t picture all my food? I always think i need to share photos of my food… but maybe i don’t? But maybe i shouldn’t even make full days of eating anyway…. hahah, just let me know! 🙂

Breakfast: Soy yoghurt, mix of nuts and raisins & muesli & coffee


Lunch: Mashed sweet potato with peanut butter, so called wheat germ (matvete in swedish!),  panfried tofu (just with oil and salt!), half an avocado, beetroot hummus and broccoli with some sesame seeds!


Snack: 3 pieces of seitan (small prebought/packaged seitan!)

Dinner: Quinoa, more pan fried tofu, sweet and sour sauce and mix of veggies


Snack: 3 scones with vegan butter (no picture)

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think a weekly food diary would be great – and really useful. It gives me ideas and inspiration what to have to eat and also gives me an idea of how to balance meals nutritionally throughout the day – and although I know you always say that the amount everyone eats varies I know I`m still not eating enough and this reminds me to pay attention to that. So yes, it would be really good if you could do this 🙂


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