New vegan foods!


I am not a materialistic person and can at times get bothered by the extreme consumerism that our society is based on. But also at times i think about how all the new products just add to consumerism and so much processed stuff. However i do also think that it is great with all the new vegan food available, not only for the existing vegans – making food choices a little bit easier, but also to help non-vegans eat more vegan. Because if the option and alternative is there – and tastes good – it is more likely that non vegans will eat it or atleast try it. So i think it is a positive thing, not to mention i love trying new foods. But of course there is a negative to it as well… but i am not going to focus on that…. instead i want to show you some of the new vegan foods i have stumbled across online. They may not be available in all countries – primarily USA i guess, but who knows maybe they will be available in your country as well!


If you are vegan and use social media it might be hard to miss that Ben and Jjerrys have come out with 2 new vegan flavours!!  And i am SO excited. Especially for the peanut butter and half baked one – it sounds amazing. I am not sure when or if they will be availble in Sweden, but i don’t see why they won’t be importated some time soon…  i mean, the amount of vegans and lactose free people who want these ice creams is huge in Sweden!!


And another new vegan ice cream on the market.  Vegan cornetto…. how amazing? All those summers where iw ould eat cornetto and now there is a vegan one available. However, from my understanding this won’t be available in Sweden anytime soon… but i can keep on dreaming anyway!!!

Two “new” chocolates. Not exactly new…. just new size. I love both of these chocolates so much so i am glad that there is a mini size going to be made available, because sometimes you just want a little bit of chocolate – and let’s be honest, when you buy 100g chocolate there is a high chance that it will all be eaten at once. Atleast if you are me!!! SO a little mini chocolate for on the go or when you just want a small chocolate is a great idea. But also great to give to kids as a treat – because then they get chocolate but in moderation!


I know there is already vegan pesto available… but now there is one that clearly says vegan which is amazing. Because i find it a little tiring when i have to look at the ingredients of 7 different pesto’s to find which is vegan…. and i still haven’t found one (but i know there is one available in Sweden!). I love when foods are clearly marked vegan because then you don’t even need to check the ingredients. HOWEVER, if it just says vegetarian then check the ingredients just incase because some companies mark foods as vegetarian even if they contain egg or milk. But also the vegetarian society marking is very similar to the vegan marking, so double check those products as well 🙂


And two new chip flavours available in Sweden. Gårdchips even made a 3rd lentil chips but they have parmesan so not vegan… which kind of sucks, i mean was it necessary to add the parmesan? But nonetheless, two new chips to try out someday!! 🙂


There you have some of the new vegan products i have stumbled across the past week!! I personally like making these posts because it shows new foods that are available, but even shows the progress and demand for vegan food is increasing!! If there was ever a time to go or try veganism, now is the time!!! Of course, a diet that consists of just chocolate and ice cream and chips isn’t to be recommended… but i am glad that they exist and as a part of a balanced diet it can be nice to be able to buy ice cream or chips and not have to make your own from tortilla bread or bananas!!!


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  1. I can’t wait for the vegan Cornettos! They look SO good!

    Also, I am obsessed with vego chocolate bars. Definitely my fave vegan chocolate ever. 🙂


    1. The vego bars are so amazing!! I am glad a mini version is coming out because it is so easy to eat the whole 150g bar at once otherwise haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I`m really excited about the vegan cornettos – hopefully the Sainsburys near me will have them! We still haven’t got vegan Ben and Jerry`s yet, don`t know if we ever will but that doesn’t stop me hoping and looking 🙂
    I love it when I discover new foods too. Its nice to try these things and have that bit of extra choice. I really like these posts!


  3. adamogallo says:

    really want the nee B&J’s. All looks good though!!


  4. Looks like I have some new products to try! Thanks!
    Please check out my blog on vegetarianism and veganism in Chinese food in Canada:


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