Review of Liz Earle hair and skin products (Vegan and cruelty free)

Good morning everyone!

It has been a month since i got and began using Liz Earle hair and skin products which are cruelty free, and almost all vegan (2 of them had beeswax).

When i made the first post about the products, HERE, i had not begun using them but wanted to show them anyway because i had never heard of the brand before. But now it has gone a month where i have used the skin products almost daily and washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week, so i thought i would share my opinion!

They were bought as a christmas present so this of course isn’t sponsored – but even if it was it would be my genuine review!


The first thing i can say is that almost all the spots i had before christmas are gone…. apart from a few hormonal spots i haven’t had any spots, whereas before Christmas i had them all over my chin, forehead and even on my neck. I actually think that the skin products i was using was giving me spots…. because i wasn’t so stressed and i haven’t changed my eating and still touch my face just as often as before christmas. If anything i am sleeping worse now which should be giving me more spots, but nope… clear skin!

Also the moisturizer is amazing – makes your skin so smooth!

I am no skin expert and i just follow the instructions that came along with the kit but it works for me and my skin anyway – unfortunately i can’t even tell you what type of skin i have i.e whether it is dry or oily etc because i really don’t know.  My skin feels so much fresher and cleaner and i have to say… in the past i just washed my face and used skin products every now and then but because i think they gave me spots i almost felt worse after using them. But now i love washing my face with the cleanser and using the moisturizer every morning!!


What about the shampoo and conditioner? Well, they make your hair really soft! So if you are planning to style your hair the next day i would either wait to wash your hair or use another conditioner. But my hair feels really good, and in combination with the hair oil which i only use maybe once a week as i keep forgetting to use it, but i think it is making my hair stronger/better. Though if i am honest, i don’t treat my hair so well so would need some lessons on how to properly care for my hair! But i do think it is alot less frayed/dry compared to before! Before i used Maria Nila hair products and they are amazing as well, so would also recommend them if they are available to you 🙂 I currently still use the “purple-anti-yellow hair mask once a week – though not sure if it makes a difference as i don’t leave it in so long!

Final thoughts – i loved all of the products and i think they have made a difference for my skin and hair. The only product i didn’t like was the body cream, i thought it smelt a little weird and was too loose for my liking – i before when the body cream is a little thicker, but that is just personal opinion!

So there you have my review and thoughts and i would definitely recommend them! I wouldn’t say they are the cheapest brand, but i do think they are worth the money (i got mine as a gift though.) But maybe if you see a good deal someday you might want to try!!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I love it too when you find a skin treatment that works and leaves your face feeling so clean and fresh 🙂
    I`m glad these products have worked for you – would you buy them for yourself next time? Although they are “local” to me I haven’t seen them in the shops so maybe they`re just on line, I`ll have to check them out, I rather fancy trying the hair treatments to see if they help with fine/dry hair.


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