Sunday meal prep and the week that’s past

Hello and good evening everyone!!

This week has felt like a lifetime, meaning never ending, but also it has passed by so quickly and i don’t know where the time has gone!

At the moment i feel like i am living in my own little bubble of work and trying to balance all the different components of life and barely notiching the time flying by. I thought i was balancing everything in my life rather well, but i must admit…. i am feeling rather overwhelmed and stressed with everything. Not sleeping so well, waking up feeling like you are hungover just from the tiredness and feeling like i amn’t doing enough despite spending 12 hours working/studying/being productive…. Not a good cycle to get stuck in. The constant feeling of wanting to be productive, and feeling like i always have something i could or should do….. Most of all i feel like i am lacking structure in my life right now. So going to try to make a plan for the upcoming week to structure my days so that i don’t spend 10 hours working/studying and feeling like i haven’t done enough – but instead schedule when i do what and for how long and also schedule rest time!!!  Most people need to schedule time to do their work or study, i need to schedule time so that i actually rest!


Aside from school work, the gym, meal prepping i even went to a nutrition seminar/lecture which i thought would be interesting… though turned out that all the lecturer said was information i already knew so i decided to leave early. I felt a little guilty, because if i had been the one speaking i would have hated to see someone leave early…. but then again, she couldn’t have known why i left… it could have been for numerous reasons such as an emergency, work or whatever other reason.   It is times like that where i realise that i do have quite alot of nutrition knowledge, often i doubt my capabilities and knowledge and think “everyone knows this”… but that isn’t the case!


My sunday has been spent just at home doing some university reading for the upcoming week and designing the ebook as well as meal prepping for the week. Still need to buy some more sweet potatoes and tofu, but i made some delicious quinoa and sweet potato balls as well as a lentil, potato and onion soup and of course cinnamon roasted sweet potato!!


Meal prepping is one of the best things when studying or working – it saves you so much time and money during the week! But also makes sure that you get the right energy and nutrients – because i am sure we have all been there where we go a little too long without food and our blood sugar drops and then you just end up eating a chocolate bar or whatever is closest which just makes you get a quick burst of energy and then it’s gone just as quick.

The rest of this evening i just want to rest as i feel like a cold is about to break out and i would prefer that not to happen, hahah! And also take some time to plan the upcoming week and think about what i am grateful for over this past week 🙂

I hope you have all had a great week and are looking forward to the upcoming week!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    It would certainly help you if you could work out a plan for your days – set aside a designated time for study, and know that when that time is up you put away your books and move onto other things. Doing this will give you a sense of achievement and also rid you of that urge to carry on studying because you think you haven’t done enough. It will also help you create balance in the other areas of your life and may even help you relax better because once you`ve done your study time you know it is finished for the day and you can think “well I`ve done xxx hours – that’s enough”. It helps me to have something to look forward to after I have finished studying – it could be something small like just making a nice hot drink or taking a bath or watching something on tv – anything that changes your mindset and you want to do!
    Not sleeping properly sucks – it really has a knock on effect the next day and can make you feel very down and out of sorts. I am trying to get my own sleeping pattern back to normal so I know how you feel, its hard isn’t it 😦
    I really hope you manage to come up with a do-able structure for your days and you feel better soon. Its a horrid feeling being tense and overwhelmed by life but the important thing is to be kind to yourself – what would you say/suggest to a friend who was in your position? Sometimes it helps looking at the problem from that perspective.
    Good luck and I hope you have a good week!


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