The more you focus on life, the less you focus on your eating disorder

One of the most important steps in eating disorder is to begin actually living life. It can also be one of the hardest steps… .because an eating disorder can be a safety net, it can be a way to control life, to keep you from dealing with the hard times and negatives of life. It can keep you sheltered in some ways, and beginning to live life, beginning to deal with the ups and downs without resorting to negative and coping behaviours can be hard.

But the only way to break free from your eating disorder is to move away from it and begin living life. Also the more you focus on life, living life and creating your best life the less you focus on your eating disorder .The less control and space you give your eating disorder to control you, your life and your behaviours.


When you begin to focus on work or school. Or invest more time in your hobbies and interests the more you move away from the focus on controlling your food and intake. The more you focus on friends, family, doing things in life the  less time you have to stand infront of the mirror and feel bad about your body. The more you begin to live life the more you begin to realise that food is energy and way for you to live life.

To be truly free from your eating disorder means to give it no control at all. There might be times that a disordered thought pops up unto your head but you learn to control those thoughts and not resort to negative coping habits. You can live life and not be scared to live life…. not have to control your life through your eating disorder.

The truth is that life can be scary…. so many things you can’t control. There will be tough times and times you wan’t to give up. Even when you recover from your eating disorder it doesn’t mean that life will be amazing and perfect, but it sure is alot better and easier than when you try to cope with life while struggling with an eating disorder.

Life can also be amazing…. so many positive amazing moments in life that you can easily miss out on when you are struggling with an eating disorder. You don’t allow yourself to live life or enjoy those moments or you miss out on them because of your eating disorder.

To recover you need to focus on living an creating your life. Doing things that make you happy, spending time with people that make you happy, stepping outside of your comfort zone and not having to control everything. Dealing with the ups and downs and knowing that that is part of life.

It can be easier said than done to just move away from your eating disorder and beginning living life… it is not that easy. However with small steps forward everyday, imagine in a years time where you may be? All the progress you may have made!!

Take small steps forward everyday, challenge yourself, try to focus on doing what you enjoy and what makes you happy in life…. find interests and hobbies again, try to spend time with people you like and do things that scare you. It gets easier in time!!

Life can be amazing if you let it be!!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. M. says:

    Beautifully written, and so true.


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Some very true words! Life is amazing if you give it the chance to be instead of being bogged down and controlled by negative, destructive thoughts. Its not easy and it takes time to let go but with perserverence you can get there if you really want it. The sense of freedom when you let go of your ED is an amazing feeling – its hard to describe but it is truly wonderful 🙂


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