Am i still snacking? Where are the oatmeal bowls? How am i eating now?

One of the most frequently asked questions i have gotten the past few weeks is whether i am still snacking or not and where are the oatmeal bowls.

I haven’t really wanted to answer this incase of triggering my followers who struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating – but then again it is important to realise you shouldn’t compare your eating to anyone else. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is eating or how much anyone else is eating because intake is so individual.


The fact is that no, i haven’t been snacking as much as before and haven’t been eating oatmeal regularly either. And that has to do with me having alot of stomach pain the past month. The day after Christmas i wrote a post mentioning that i had gotten alot of stomach pain and ended up sleeping c.a 14 hours from the pain, and well since then my stomach has been in knots. It has been a mix of nausea, pain in different parts of my stomach, constant fullness and lack of appetite, extreme bloating to the point of pain….  I also wrote a week or two ago that because of this pain/uncomfort i was eating just because i had to. I have gotten my appetite back the past 2 weeks, but still am very bloated and get differents pains in my stomach as well as my stomach making alot of noise and gurgling all the time whether i eat or don’t eat.

Last week i did go to the doctor about my stomach pain – considering that a month with these symptoms means that it is something more than just a stomach ache. However despite me mentioning the previous stomach complications and problems i have had in the past not to mention that i have had pancreas inflammation and gallstones and other problems, i was just told to wait and see….  Felt a little dishearted to have had this pain and discomfort for a month and then be told to just keep waiting.

I know i am not alone in being told the same thing when you seek help for stomach pain.

The problem with stomach pain is that it can be due to SO MANY different things… it can be food related, it can be due to stress or anxiety, it can be a serious problem or a not so serious problem. Also as my stomach pain has been in different areas of my stomach it is hard to know what it could be, and it hasn’t been a sharp sort of pain which it was when i had an inflamed pancreas. Now it is more like a constant, dull pain and constant bloating and fullness. Anyway , i am not going to go into details or anything like that… i  am just going to wait and see.

But this stomach discomfort has meant that i haven’t eaten as many or regular meals as i did before Christmas and the new year. Then i ate around 4-5 meals per day, now it is around 3-4 meals a day such as some fruit or yoghurt for breakfast, aside from the days when i wake up really hungry then i make oatmeal. Then lunch which is my typical lunch picture i.e beans, potatoes, lentils, tofu. Somedays i have an afternoon snack, such as scone or some raw crackers or even just some potatoes if i have them left over, and then dinner which is either the same as lunch or a throw together of different precooked food i have, and then night snack might be some yoghurt with granola or some popcorn or my favourite edamame beans!

I have been considering trying a low fiber diet for a while or trying some form of IBS (fodmap) diet to see if maybe it could be that i am eating alot of fiber. I have already tried cutting down on fats because of my CF i don’t digest fats so well, however that made no difference so had added nuts and nut butter back into my diet to make sure i still get enough energy each day. But i might need to do some form of diet change and cutting out different foods to see if it a food intolerance that is causing the pain.

Otherwise maybe it is just related to stress and anxiety…  i really don’t know and i don’t want to self diagnose either.

But there you have my answer…. i snack the days i feel extra hungry and want a snack but otherwise i am trying to just eat enough through my main meals and more high calorie foods like extra avocado and nuts.


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I followed the fodmap diet because I have IBS and I found it helped me. Now I am managing to re introduce foods slowly and my symptoms are far more manageable now. I used to eat a lot of Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli and have found just cutting my portion sizes of these and limiting how often I have them has helped. I also take an anti spasmodic tablet before meals and that helps calm the digestive system. Cutting down on fibre a bit may be helpful too, its one of those things you have to try and see whats best for you. Of course feeling stressed makes stomach issues worse, when I feel stressed I also feel constantly full and bloated with no appetite.
    I hope you get to find some relief from your stomach pain soon and I know how disheartening it feels when you get that response from a doctor – but maybe a few changes to your diet will help you. If it makes no difference you can then go back and tell him you have tried xyz and see where you go from there?


  2. Josephine says:

    oh girl feeling sorry for you that youre still struggling with the stomach ache issue! I can’t tell you I have gotten any further with that. This Friday seeing my doctor again for like the 20th time and now he wants me to maybe see a srgeon or sth to sort some things out. Stomach pain sucks and it is just such a complex issue as well. Sending you a big hug!


  3. Sorry to hear you are having allot of stomach pains. There could me many things causing it, as a treatment I find peppermint tea or chamomile tea, fast acting and very gentle on the stomach, also very good for stress and anxiety, I hope this helps.


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